Person:Philippe de Lannoy (1)

Philippe de Lannoy 22 Aug 1681 and 4 Mar 1681/2 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
m. 13 Jan 1596
  1. Esaie de Lannoy1599 -
  2. Philippe de Lannoy1603 - bet 1681
m. 19 Dec 1634
  1. Mary Delanoest 1635 -
  2. Philip Delanoest 1637 - 1708
  3. Thomas Delanoest 1639 - 1723
  4. John Delanoabt 1642 -
  5. Jane Delano1646 -
  6. Lt. Jonathan DelanoAbt 1648 - 1720
m. bef 17 Jan 1653/4
  1. Esther Delano1640 - 1735
  2. Samuel Delanoabt 1659 - bef 1728
  3. Rebecca Delanoabt 1661 - 1709
Facts and Events
Name Philippe de Lannoy
Alt Name Philip Delano
Gender Male
Christening[5][7] 7 Dec 1603 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsWallons Church
Immigration[5] 1621 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesSailed on the "Fortune"
Marriage 19 Dec 1634 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Hester Dewesbury
Military[6] 7 Jun 1637 Volunteer in Pequot War
Marriage bef 17 Jan 1653/4 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Pontus
Will[5] 22 Aug 1681 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Reference Number? ? Q2634629
Probate[5] 4 Mar 1681/2 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death[5] bet 22 Aug 1681 and 4 Mar 1681/2 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
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Philip was reared under the influence of the Pilgrims in Leyden, born of French parents and is presumed to have been a passenger on the Speedwell, 1620; but one of those left in England. He left Leyden to join the ship "Fortune" in which he arrived at Plymouth, 11 Nov 1621 at age 19, one year after the Mayflower passengers arrived at Cape Cod. Philip de la Noye is believed to be the first Huguenot to found a family in America. He was admitted to the church in Plymouth, where an acre of land was assigned to him, 1624; which he surrendered on removal to Duxbury where he was admitted to the church Jan 1623; Freeman 1 Jan 1623; he settled on the north side of Stone Brook, near John Alden and Edward Bompasse; his farm of 40 acres was granted 2 Oct 1637; Juryman 2 May and 4 Dec 1637. Volunteer in the Pequot war 7 June 1637; on a jury same year to lay out paths and highways and build bridges in Duxbury; Grandjuryman 4 Jun 1639. His name appears in the grant of Bridgewater to 54 persons 1645.

He had a share of about 800 acres of land purchased by 36 persons from the Indians at Dartmouth, 1652; he was among the 26 purchasers of land in Middleboro, 1662

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    ORIGIN: Leiden
    MIGRATION 1621 on the Fortune
    FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth.
    REMOVES: Duxbury
    OCCUPATION: Planter, fisherman.

    BIRTH: Baptized Walloon Church, Leiden, 7 Dec (or 6 Nov) 1603 [NS], son of Jan de Lannoy and Marie Mahieu [TAG 52:91-92, 53:172-73; see also NEHGR 143:197-98].
    DEATH: Between 22 Aug 1681 (date of memorandum serving as will) and 4 Mar 1681/2 (date of inventory)

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    Volunteered to serve in the Pequot War, 7 June 1637 [PCR 1:61].

  7. Philippe De LaNoye, the immigrant ancestor and founder of the American Family of Delano grew up under the teaching of the separatists of the established Church of England.

    He was the son of Jean and Marie de Lannoy of French Protestant faith (Huguenots) who had gone to Leiden to escape the persecution of the Catholic party then in power.

    He is said to be one of the passengers on the Speedwell, when it started the trip with the Mayflower but was one of those who remained in England when it sprang its leak. In 1621 the Fortune sailed on on Nov 11, 1621 just one year after the Mayflower passengers sighted the hills of Cape Cod, the Pilgrims are said to have "hailed with joy" the arrival of the Fortune and among her passengers was Philippe de la Noye, aged 19 years.

    In 1624 at the distribution of land Philip was awarded one acre as his share. He was admitted a freeman Jan 1, 1632/3 being a resident of Duxbury where he had early removed. He was one of the first 26 purchasers in Marlboro and one of the 54 inhabitants of Duxbury to whom the grant of Bridgewater was made in 1645.

    Records of Plymouth Colony Vol 1 page 32 show him to have been a Volunteer in the Pequot War June 74, 1637; on jury 2 May 1637 and 4 Dec 1637 and on grand jury 4 Jun 1639.

    He was one of four from Duxbury appointed by the Colony Court to a jury of 12 in 1637 to lay out paths and highways and build bridges in Duxbury.
The Fortune (1621)
The Fortune, the second ship to arrive at Plymouth, was sent by the Merchant Adventurers, the same group that financed the Mayflower. It arrived unexpectedly and without significant supplies, thus further stressing the colony. Upon return to England, the Fortune was carrying £500 of cargo to pay off the Pilgrims' debt, but it was captured by the French en route.
Sailed: 9 Aug 1621 from London, England under Master Thomas Barton
Arrived: 9 Nov 1621 at Plymouth, Massachusetts, shortly after the first Thanksgiving
Next Vessel: The Anne and the Little James (1623)

35; 17 families left descendants (Full List)
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