Person:Peter Renfro (2)

m. 1702
  1. William Renfro1702 - 1789
  2. Sgt. James Renfro, Sr.1703 -
  3. Peter Renfro1705 - 1781
  4. Stephen Renfro1707 - Aft 1802
  5. Joseph Renfro1709 - 1776
m. BEF 1733
  1. Judith RenfroABT 1733 -
  2. Peter Renfro1734 - 1799
  3. George Renfro1735-1751 -
  4. Tinker Renfro1735-1751 -
  5. William RenfroBEF 1748 -
Facts and Events
Name Peter Renfro
Gender Male
Birth? 1705 Orange County, Virginia
Marriage BEF 1733 prob. Orange County, Virginiato Elizabeth Hollingsworth
Death? 1781 killed by Indians between Freeland's Station & Grench Lick, Tennessee

Peter Renfro was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Peter Renfro in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List, 1742:No. 11 - Capt. George Robinson's List: George Robinson, Captain; James McFeron, Lieutenant; Pat. Shirky, Ensign; James Ranfro, Sergeant; Dan Manaughan, Mark Coal, Peter Ranfro, George Draper, Rob Roland, Edw. Smith, Fran Kelly, And. Ganghagall, Henry Stiles, Hen Philip, Thomas Rindel, Thomas Looney, Rob Looney, Dan Looney, Adam Looney, Mark Joans, John Askins, John Flower, James Coal, Bryan Cass, Cornel Dougherty, Wm. Acres, Tasker Tosh, Hen Brown, Sam Brown, James Burk, Wm. Bean, _____Evins, Sam Martin, Peter Kinder, Stephen Evins, Peter Watkins, Stephen Ranfro, Benj. Davis, Wm. Clark, Wm. Shepherd, Benj. Deeson, John Smith, Hugh Coruthers, Wm. Bradshay, John Coal, Wm. Craven, Simon Acres, Nicol Horseford, _____ Meason.
  • Vol. 1 - November 19, 1746. - (130) Road ordered from Reed Creek to Eagle Bottom and thence to top of Ridge that parts waters of New River and those of So. Fork of Roanoke, and these are to work it: George, Ezekiel, William and Patrick Colhoon, Bryant White, Wm. Handlow, Peter Rentfro and his two sons, George the Tinker, Jacob Woolman and two sons, John Black, Simon Hart, Michael Claine, John Stroud, Saml. Starknecker and all the Dunkers that are able to work on the same and all other persons in that precinct. James Colhoon and Charles Hart to be overseers.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 21, 1747. - (198) Saml. Delap appd. Constable, vice Nath. McClure; John Spear, Constable, vice Jno. Trimble; James Galespy, Constable, vice Wm. Wright; Ro. Ramsey, Constable, vice Thos Black; Alexr. McCroskie, Constable, vice Charles Hays; John Erwin, Constable, vice James Hogshead; James Hogart and Wallace Ashton, Constables, vice James Maies; Thos. Cohoon and David Miller, Constables, on Roan Oke; Archd. Hamilton and David Stevenson, Constables, vice Danl. Deniston; James Slone, Constable, vice James Hony; Geo. Draper, Peter Rentfro and James Cohoon, Constables, vice Humb. Lyon; John Ramsey, Constable, vice Wm. Guy; James Beard and John Maggot, Constables, vice Adam Miller; Andrew Scot, Constable, vice John Ramsey; John Campbell, Constable, vice Ro. Givin; John Leath, Constable, vice Elisha Job; Valentine Sevear, Constable, vice Wm. Carroll; John States, Constable, vice James Robinson; Ro. Montgomerie and John McClintin, Constables, vice Wm. Scot.

Information on Peter Renfro

6. PETER4 RENFRO (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 1705 in Orange Co,VA, and died 1781 in killed by Indians between Freeland's Station & Grench Lick, TN. He married ELIZABETH HOLLINGSWORTH (Source: Cathey Campbell Web Page at 1733.
Comment 1: FTM VOl 6 #3511
Comment 2: Apr 24, 1752, Land grant near Batesville, SC by King George
Comment 3: Feb 28, 2001, Dennis Cox sent info to Richard & Theresa Renfro
i. JUDITH5 RENFRO, b. Abt. 1733; m. STEPHEN HOLSTON, JR, Bef. 1752.
ii. GEORGE RENFRO, b. WFT Est. 1733-1751; d. WFT Est. 1723-1829.
iii. TINKER RENFRO, b. WFT Est. 1733-1751; d. WFT Est. 1723-1829.
12. iv. PETER RENFRO II, b. 1734, Orange/Augusta Co, Va; d. 1799, Montgomery Co, Tn per Karen Schianne.
v. WILLIAM RENFRO, b. Bef. 1748, VA; d. WFT Est. 1723-1829.