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Moses Davis
b.Bet. 1732 - 1737 Prob. Ireland
d.Bet. 06 Sep - 05 Dec 1804 Abbeville District, South Carolina
m. Abt. 1721
  1. Margaret Davisabt 1721 - Bet 1785
  2. William Davisabt 1730 - Abt 1797
  3. Agnes DavisAbt 1731 - 1770
  4. Moses DavisBet 1732 - 1737 - Bet 1804
  5. Robert Davisabt 1735 - abt 1790
  6. George Davis1736 - 1807
  7. Catherine DavisBet 1740 - 1745 -
  8. James Davisabt 1746 - Bet 1805 - 1806
  • HMoses DavisBet 1732 - 1737 - Bet 1804
  • WJane NobleEst 1735-1739 -
m. WFT Est 1755-1757
  1. Jane Davis1755-1769 -
  2. William Davis, Esq.1755-1769 -
  3. Mary Davis1755-1769 -
  4. Alexander DavisBEF 1758 - 1803
  5. Robert Davis1766 -
Facts and Events
Name Moses Davis
Gender Male
Birth? Bet. 1732 - 1737 Prob. Ireland
Marriage WFT Est 1755-1757 to Jane Noble
Death? Bet. 06 Sep - 05 Dec 1804 Abbeville District, South Carolina

Moses Davis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on Moses Davis


The first mention of him is as a private, unmarried in the Anson company of Militia commanded by Capt. Andrew Pickens in 1755. The journal kept by WILLIAM CALHOUN - one of the original four brothers who came from Augusta Co. to Abbeville county in 1758 - states that when he made his journey back to Virginia that he spent the night on Dec. 29 with ARCHIBALD CROCKETT, and the night of Dec. 30, with MOSES DAVIS, and at 12 Mile Creek on the 31st.

Miss Eliza Calhoun who prepared one of the earliest and most comprehensive accounts of the Calhoun family stated that Moses Davis married JANE NOBLE, daughter of John Noble and Mary Calhoun. Mary Calhoun was the sister of the Calhoun brothers who came to Long Cane Creek. John Noble died in Augusta Co. Va. in what is now Rockbridge County, but his widow and children came on to South Carolina.

Moses Davis received a Suth Carolina land grant on Long Cane Creek in 1763 and another in 1774. He was living in the Waxhaws when the Calhouns fled back there after the Indian Massacre in 1760, and may have married Jane Noble at that time. It is known that at the same time Andrew Pickens, the furture General, met and woed, Rebecca Calhoun, daughter of Ezekiel Calhoun, and married her in 1765 in the Long Cane Creek communioty in S.C.

The old Mecklenburg Co. N.C. deed of 1773 shows that brothers, John Davis and wife Mary and Moses Davis and wife Jane, sold 380 acres on Waxhaw creek to brother Capt. Robert Davis.

MOSES DAVIS WILL, Abbeville Co. S.C. Dated Sept. 6, 1804, Proved Dec. 5, 1804 Executors: Wife, no name given: William Davis; Robert Davis; and William Caldwell. Witnesses: William Lesley, Israel Davis, Sarah Noble. Children:

1. William - m. Miss Davis, had no cildren 2. Alexander Davis - deceased - mentions three sons of Alex. 3. Robert Davis - m. Nancy Jones Harris 4. Jane Davis - m. William Caldwell, had 5 children 5. Mary Davis - m. Thomas Harris, Grandson - Moses Davis Harris.

Of the above children:

1. ALEXANDER DAVIS seems to have married MARY CALDWELL, daughter of James Caldwell, Sr. whose will is proved in 1804. Mary Caldwell Davis was married a second time on June 17, 1806 to James Foster. Marriage record in Dr. Moses Waddell's list of marriages.

The children of Alexander Davis and Mary Caldwell Davis were:

(1.) William Davis - named in estate settlement of Alex 1803.
(2.) Mary Davis - named in estate setlement in 1803.
(3.) Moses Davis - Wm. Davis appointed his quardian in 1809.
(4.) James C. Davis - Wm. Davis appointed gdn. 1809.
(5.) Rebecca Cavis - Wm. Davis appointed gdn. 1809

2. WILLIAM DAVIS, ESQ. apparently the son of Moses Davis, his estate is filed in Abbeville County, Box 26, Pk 600. Est. Adm. Nov. 20, 1824 by William H. Caldwell, John Gray, Samuel L. Watt. Citation was read at Rocky River Church. Inventory made Dec. 6, 1824 by John Cameron, Thomas Jones, Sam Buchannan. Buyers at sale: Margaret, Martha, Jane, Robert, and Martha Davis. William Baker, Christian Barns. No wife is mentioned and no children.

3. ROBERT DAVIS, probably son of Moses Davis Box 26, Pk.589. Est. amd. Aug. 12, 1811 by Nancy and William Davis, William H. Caldwell, John H. Lesley, and John Brannon. bond in sum $10,000. Inventory made Sept. 11, 1811 by Wm. Buford, Samuel Scott, Robert Harris. Buyers at sale: Nancy, Jane H., Rachel W., William Davis.
4. NANCY DAVIS, Box 25, pk580. Est. Amd. Sept. 18, 1823, by Robert, Moses Davis and William H. Caldwell, and John Baskin. Sum of $8,000 for bond. Citation read at Rocky River Church. Sale on Oct. 15, 1823. uyers: Robert, Moses, Jane, Eliza, Sarah, and James Davis. An authentic Bible record in hands of a Mr. Clowe in S.C. states that ROBERT DAVIS married NANCY HARRIS in 1791. Robert was born Feb. 8, 766. Nancy was born Jan. 9, 1774.