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Maude Ethel Barton
m. 3 May 1890
  1. Elizabeth Rose Hannah Barton1891 - 1893
  2. Della Ladoyski Barton1893 - 1920
  3. Joseph Thomas Barton1894 - 1980
  4. Charles Barton1896 - 1975
  5. Dewey Lavon Barton1898 - 1986
  6. Maude Ethel Barton1900 - 1975
  7. Edwin James Barton1902 - 1970
  8. Mary Ann Barton1914 - ABT 1999
m. 11 Nov 1917
  1. Noname Svedin
  2. Iona Marie Svedin1919 - 1999
  3. Della Nadine Svedin1921 - 2007
  4. Carrie Vivian Svedin1924 - 2004
  5. Walter Svedin1926 - 2003
Facts and Events
Name Maude Ethel Barton
Gender Female
Birth? 24 Mar 1900 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Marriage 11 Nov 1917 Lurline Ruby City, Elko, Nevada, USAto Paulus Svedin
Death? 7 Jun 1975 Crescent, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Burial[2] 11 Jun 1975 Kaysville Cemetery, Kaysville, Davis, Utah, USA
Other[1] LDS Ordinances

[3] Maude was born in Salt Lake City, March 24, 1900, the sixth child of Joseph Thomas Barton and Mary Ann Norris. Her family had been living in Cisco, but there were no doctors there so the mother came to Salt Lake to have her baby. When the baby was six weeks old the family went to Price, Utah where the father was employed by the railroad.

The first home was a box car, so when the family was able to move into a house, it was quite a help for the growing active children as well as the mother who organized their daily schedules. Maude received her schooling in Price. Among her schoolmates was J. Bracken Lee, former Utah Governor and Salt Lake City Mayor. May 24, 1908 she was baptized the river by Bishop Bryner, and was confirmed by her father. She liked Primary, Sunday School and Sacrament Meeting, and seldom missed except for sickness.

Maude's mother was a very generous and thoughtful woman, and was always a help to anyone who needed her. She at times was asked by her doctor if she would care for his patients in her home, and this she did, winning affection and esteem from all involved. This made a beautiful training for her own children, and Maude evidently learned the lesson well, as all her days she has been willing to help the unfortunate, the sick, the discouraged. She also has had the humor to cheer, the ability to encourage, and the will to make life seem more worthwhile.

Both her father and mother were steadfast and true to their firm testimonies of the Gospel. Her father had been wayward in his youth as far as Church attendance, Word of Wisdom, and payment of tithes was concerned, (though he was always honest and fair in his dealings with people). But once he decided he wanted to be true to the Church principles he gave it his full ability and effort. He was a gifted speaker, a thoughtful neighbor, and blessed with a discernment and gifts of the Spirit. He had many faith promoting experiences. This, too, was a good teaching for Maude and her brothers and sisters.

During her first 14 years, her father worked in the mines at Hiawatha, was a plumber, had set himself up in the drayage business, and was city Marshal and supervisor of the water works. He also had the collection for both the water and electricity. So the family had prospered. But most of this had come after they had started paying tithing and attend to their church duties. In the fall of 1913 a big building project began on the outskirts of town and there was a temptation to be a part of this. So one day when her father had made arrangements to go pay his tithing, he got the thought that if he were to buy some of these lots with the tithing money he could triple it, and he started toward the Real Estate Office. Just then he recalled the words in his patriarchal blessing--that if he would pay his tithing his children would never cry for bread. He turned around and went to the Bishop with his tithing money, and he prayed to the Lord that if riches was only going to cause him to want more, he wanted none of it. Soon he lost much of it. His best drayage horses died and he was reduced in his income considerably.

About this time, the parents had been aware of a restlessness with the older boys and felt they needed to get onto a farm so they could keep busy. The family had been receiving advertising on land in Nevada, so they decided this was what they would try. On April 12, 1915, Maude with her mother, young brother Jack and sister Mary reached Nevada. Her father and the older boys had gone out earlier with a wagon load of furniture and had built a one room cabin. He and the boys met the mother and small children at the train depot in Tobar. later he built a one room house in Ruby City, and the family used this with a tent to provide the extra sleeping space for the boys.

Maude died 7-Jun-1975. Citation:"Social Security Death Index" as Maude Svedin 1

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  2. GPS Coordinates: 41.04497 / -111.92733
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