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Matthias 'Matthew' Shaup
d.BEF 28 NOV 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
m. BEF 1735
  1. Rebecca Sharp1735 - 1793
  2. John Sharp, Sr.ABT 1738 - bef 1830
  3. Adam SharpABT 1739 - 1816
  4. Margaret 'Margery' Sharp1740-1744 -
  5. Catherine Sharp1743-1749 -
  6. Abraham Sharpabt 1744 - 1823
Facts and Events
Name Matthias 'Matthew' Shaup
Alt Name Matthew Sharp
Gender Male
Birth? 1685 Konigsbach, Germany
Marriage BEF 1735 Prob. Pennsylvaniato Catherine Engen
Death? BEF 28 NOV 1750 Augusta County, Virginia

Matthias 'Matthew' Shaup (Sharp) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Matthew Shaup acquired 350 acres of land "near upper end of the Peaked Mountain", prior to 1759, from Jacob Harmon. Apparently Matthew died prior to the conveyance, and Jacob Harmon conveyed this land to John and Adam Shaup (sons of Matthew Shaup) by Jacob Harmon, on 16 May 1759, as listed in the records below:

Will of Matthias Shaup

Will Abstract:

Page 271.--3d November, 1750. Mathew Shaup's will--Eldest sons-in-law, Michael Cam, George Cam, the full estate their own father left them; one-third to be divided between 8 children; one-third to be divided between his own 6 children; two eldest sons, John and Adam Shaup. Executors, George Carpenter, Jacob Pence. Teste: Henry Dickey (Dickins), Jacob Nicholas, George Bernhart Mann. Proved, 28th November, 1750; proved by Nicholas, and others summoned.

Will Transcript:

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, THE THIRD DAY OF November Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty I Mathew Shaup being sick in body but of Good and Perfect Memory thanks be to Almighty God and calling to remembrance the uncertain Estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must Yield to Death when it shall please God to Call do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner of form following, first I commit my body to the Earth and I commit my soul to almighty God, my Savior, my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named for the selling of my temporal Estate and such goods, Chattells and Debts as it has pleased God to bestow upon me I do order give or dispose the same in manner form following that is to say
Imprimio I give and bequeath unto my two eldest sons in law Michael Carn and George Carn the full estate of their father left them according to the Demensions of the bonds.
Item: I bequeath my personal Estate to be equally divided in three parts and one of these three parts to be equally divided among Eight children, the other two parts to be equally divided among my own six children and my plantation I bequeath to my two Eldest Sons John Shaup and Adam Shaup and thereby make and appoint my loving friends George Carpenter and Jacob Pence full and sole executors of this my last Wills and bequests by me made and declaring this only to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereunto I have set my hand.
Signed in the presence of X
Jacob Nicholas
George Bernhart Mann

At a Court held in Augusta County this 28th day of November 1750 the last Will and Testament of Mathew Shaup, Dec’d being presented to the Court was proved by the oath of Jacob Nicholas, one of two witnesses who has made oath that he saw Henry Dickins and George Bernhard Mann together to witness and sign the same wherefore is ordered that he be summoned to appear at the next Court further to prove the said will.
  • Will Book 3, page 144 - Sale of personalty of Mathias Shawp, 20 February 1750-51. By James Nicholas, executor. Recorded 18 May, 1762, viz. Sold to Jno. Craig, Wm. Frazier, Jas. Downey, Jno. Love, David Nelson, Henry Dooley, William Craig, Bernard Man, Joseph Wait, Saml Muncy, Joseph Muncy, Casper Faught, Owen Reed, Joseph Wait, Jacob Harmon, Jno. Stevenson, Jacob Nichols, Peter Herman, James Beard, Cathrine Pence, Michael Carn, William Williams, 5 May 1755 – 2nd sale to viz: Jacob Nicholas, Henry Dooley, David Nelson, Peter Miller, Conrad Kimsley, Catrine Shawp, (3 books), Michael Carn, Francis Kirtley, Jno. Davison, Margaret Shawp, Jno. Davis, Charles Man, Joseph Cravens, Jno. Couch, Rob’t. Craig, Jacob Courtsious, Simon Powell, George Carn, Henry Long, Evan Evans, Conrad Backfish, Patrick Wilson, Jno. Hetrick, Nicholas Brock , George, Robert and widow. By sundries received the estate of the deceased Jacob Pence. (Note: named in this record of Matthias Shaup's estate sale is his wife, Catherine, her son Michael Carn (listed as Cam, from her first marriage), her son George Carn (listed as Cam, from her first marriage), and a Margaret Shawp, who is as yet unidentified).
  • Page 301.--8th February, 1750-51. Mathias Shaup's appraisement, by John Stevenson, Wm. Williams, Henry Downs.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 71.--28th November, 1750: Orphan John Sharp bound to Mathew Armstrong.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 72.--28th November, 1750: Orphan Jennet Sharp bound to Nicholas Leeper.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 86.--28th November, 1751: Orphan Margery Sharp bound to John Archer.
  • Page 341.--27th August, 1770. Mathew Shaup's estate in account with Jacob Nicholas.

Records of Matthew Shaup in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1746/7. - (168) Road ordered from Top of the Ridge to John Terrald's and James Beard's, with these tithables, John Bomgardner, Jacob Harmon, Robert and Saml. Scot, John Stevenson, Robert Hook, Wm. Burk, Mathew Thompson, Charles Duel, Nicholas Noel, John Lawrence, Jacob Pence, Henry Dickens, Valentine Pence, George Scot, John Viare, Jacob Harmon, Sr., Mathew Sharp, John Harmon, Ro. Frazier, James Beard, Mathew Thompson, John Robton, Stiffell Francisco, Wm. Lamb, Samuel Lockard, Ro. Smith.
  • Vol. 1 - Petition, 18th May, 1749, of inhabitants of North River and Picot (peaked) Mountain for a road beginning at John Man's smithshop on the south side of the Peaked Mountain, thence eastward to John M(W)igard's joining to the mountain road and from the smithshop westward to the Stone Meeting House, joining to the Court House Road, and that Jacob Rodger, Robert Scot and James Berd be appointed to lay it out. Jacob Herman, Feldy Pence, Mathew Shope, Jacob Maler, John Bomgardner,'John Lynn, Jacob Rodgers, James Berd, Jacob Perer, Mathew Sharp, ____ Man, Jacob Man, William Milburn, Jared Chambers, Robert Scot, Robert Hooks, George Scot, William Craig, John Craig, Mathew Thomson, Mathew Thomson, Jr.
  • Page 112.--16th May, 1759. Jacob ( ) Hermon to John and Adam Shaup, heirs of Mathew Shaup, £40, 350 acres devised to John and Adam by Mathew's will, their father, near upper end of Peaked MountainTeste: Jno. Couts, Jacob Parsinger, Jacob Goodman.
  • Page 791.--25th December, 1764. John Sharp and Ann ( ) and Adam Sharp, of Bedford, to Jacob Persinger, £140, 350 acres devised to John and Adam by their father Mathew Sharp, who purchased it from Jacob Harmon and it was conveyed to John and Adam since the death of Mathew, 16th May, 1759, near upper end of the Peaked Mountain. Teste: Michael Prinder, Christopher ( ) Persinger, Mikell ( ) Barnett. Delivered: Anthony Ailer, April, 1772.
  • Page 404.--18th May, 1772. Jacob ( ) Persinger (Passenger) and Catherine, of Botetourt, to Anthony Elar (Aler, Ayler), near Peaked Mountain, whereon Jacob lately lived 1/2 of tract patented to Jacob 13th August, 1763; tract purchased by Jacob of John and Adam Sharp, devisees of their father Matthew. Delivered: Anthony Ayler, August, 1773.

Information on Matthias Shaup

Matthias Shaup was born in 1685 in Konigsbach, Germany. He died on 28 Nov 1750 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married Catherine Engen Carn in 1750 (??) in Rockingham County, Virginia. Matthias immigrated on 11 Sep 1732 to Passenger on the ship Pennsylvania Merchant to the US. (Note: since Matthias and Catherine clearly had children prior to 1735, their likely marriage was in Pennsylvania prior to their migration to Augusta County in abt. 1740).

Catherine Engen Carn was born in 1698. She married Matthias Shaup in 1750 in Rockingham County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

M i Adam Sharp was born in 1742. He died in 1816.
F ii Rebecca Sharp was born in 1735 in Rockingham County, Virginia.
M iii John Sharp Sr. was born in 1740 in Augusta County, Virginia.
M iv Abraham Sharp was born in 1741.
F v Catherine Sharp was born in 1750.
F vi Margaret Sharp was born in 1750.


From post:

Early in December, 1749, Brethren Schnell and Brandmueller were on a missionary tour in Virginia. They came down from the vicinity of Staunton, into what is now East Rockingham, and made record of their goings and doings in the following interesting narrative:

On December 2nd we continued our journey the whole day, because we wished to be with the Germans on Sunday. Once we lost our way. But our desire to preach tomorrow strengthened us in our journey. In the evening we attempted to hire a man to go with us part of the way, but none was willing. We continued for a time down the Tschanator, and arrived rather late at the house of the sons of the old Stopfel Franciscus, who kept us over night. On Sunday, December 3rd, the young Franciscus went very early with us to show us the way to Matthias Schaub’s, (Sharp) who, immediately on my offer to preach for them, sent messengers through the neighborhood to announce my sermon. In a short time a considerable number of people assembled, to whom I preached. After the sermon I baptized the child of a Hollander. We staid over night with Matthias Schaub.(Sharp) His wife told us that we were always welcome in their house.We should always come to them whenever we came into that district. On December 4th we left Schaub’s house, commending the whole family to God. We traveled through the rain across the South Shenandoah to Adam Mueller, who received us with much love. We staid over night with him. Schaub (Shoup) died a month or two after Schnell’s visit. On February 26th, 1750, Jacob Nicholas and Valentine Pence qualified as executors of his will. See Augusta County Will Book No. 1, pp. 312, 313. He evidently lived on the west side of the river, somewhere between Port Republic and Elkton.