Person:Mary Rice (99)

Mary Rice
m. 5 Dec 1850
  1. Margaret Rice1852 - 1933
  2. Peter Rice1854 - 1922
  3. James Rice1857 - 1913
  4. Mary Rice1860 - 1926
  5. Joseph Rice1863 - 1938
  6. John Rice1865 - 1920
m. 1889
  1. Marguerite Jeanne Phippen1891 - 1891
Facts and Events
Name Mary Rice
Gender Female
Birth[1] 7 Jun 1860 Whithorn, Wigtownshire, ScotlandSheddock
Census[2] 7 Apr 1861 Whithorn, Wigtownshire, ScotlandShadock Cothouse
Census[3] 2 Apr 1871 Whithorn, Wigtownshire, ScotlandSheddock Cottages No.1
Census[4] 3 Apr 1881 Mochrum, Wigtownshire, ScotlandThe Airlour
Marriage 1889 Kent, Englandto Robert George Phippen
Census[5] 5 Apr 1891 Hadlow, Kent, EnglandNorth Frith
Census[6] 31 Mar 1901 Paddington, London, England9 Hyde Park Street
Census[7] 2 Apr 1911 Paddington, London, England87 Sutherland Avenue
Death[8][9] 7 Aug 1926 Ramsgate, Kent, EnglandThe Railway Station
Probate[9] 21 Dec 1926 London, England

Childhood in Scotland

Mary Phippen was born at Sheddock in the parish of Whithorn, Wigtownshire on 7th June 1860. She was the fourth of six children of a ploughman named James Rice and his wife Jane Lemon, both of whom were originally from Ireland but had moved to Scotland before their marriage in 1850.

Mary grew up in Wigtownshire, living with her parents and siblings. By 1881 she had left home, but was still in Wigtownshire working as a nurse at a big house in Mochrum for a retired lieutenant-colonel and Justice of the Peace for the county.

Move to England and marriage

Mary's next sighting comes in 1889, over 400 miles away in Kent, when she married Robert George Phippen, a coachman and groom. He had been married before but his first wife, Clara, had died the previous year, aged 28. By Clara, Robert had a daughter, Edith Somers Phippen, to whom Mary became stepmother.

The 1891 census finds Robert, Mary, Edith and an as yet unnamed five day old daughter, along with the midwife staying with the family. At the time it was fairly common to have a midwife live in with the family for a period after the baby's birth. The baby was later named Marguerite Jeanne Phippen, but she died before the year was out. Robert and Mary did not have any other children - Robert himself died the following year, aged 33, leaving Mary a widow at the age of 32.


Mary and her stepdaughter Edith moved into London, where several of Mary's other siblings had already settled. The 1901 census finds Mary working at 11 Hyde Park Street as a cook, whilst her stepdaughter Edith was a servant at 87 Sutherland Avenue. Edith died in 1905, aged 21. In a curious change of occupancy, Mary herself was living at 87 Sutherland Avenue by 1911 - but not as a servant. The head of the household was Mary's sister, Margaret. How did the house pass from the O'Connor family in 1901 to their late servant's stepmother's sister?

Mary appears to have lived with her sister Margaret for the rest of her life, moving out of 87 Sutherland Avenue to 5 Peploe Road, Kensal Rise, Willesden some time between 1911 and the mid 1920s. Mary died in 1926 at the railway station in Ramsgate, but was described as being 'of 5 Peploe Road'. She was 66.

After her death, her brother Joseph secured a grant of adminstration for her estate, which was valued at £240 13s. 6d.

Image Gallery
  1. Birth certificate, in General Register Office for Scotland. Civil Registration, Primary quality.

    1860. BIRTHS in the District of Whithorn in the County of Wigtown
    Name: Rice, Mary
    When and where born: 1860 June Seventh, 3h AM, Shaddock
    Sex: F
    Father: James Rice, Farm Labourer
    Mother: Jane Rice, maiden name Leeming
    Informant: James Rice, His X mark, Father
    Registered: 1860 June 23d at Whithorn, Robert Anderson, Registrar

  2. General Register Office for Scotland. 1861 Scotland Census. (Edinburgh), 900/00 002/00 002, 7 Apr 1861, Primary quality.

    Address: Shadock Cothouse, Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    1 room with windows
    James Rice, head, married, 30 [1830/1], Ploughman, b. Ireland
    Jane Rice, wife, married, female, 34 [1826/7], Ploughmans Wife, b. Ireland
    Margret Rice, daughter, unmarried, female, 8 [1852/3], Ploughmans Daur, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    Peter Rice, son, unmarried, male, 6 [1854/5], Ploughmans Son, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    James Rice, son, unmarried, male, 3 [1857/8], Ploughmans Son, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    Mary Rice, daughter, unmarried, female, 9 months [1860], Ploughmans Daur, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire

  3. General Register Office for Scotland. 1871 Scotland Census. (Edinburgh), 900/00 002/00 003, 2 Apr 1871, Primary quality.

    Address: Sheddock Cottages No.1, Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    1 room with windows
    James Rice, head, married, male, 42 [1828/9], Ag lab, b. Armagh, Ireland
    Jane Rice, wife, married, female, 44 [1826/7], b. Tyrone, Ireland
    Peter Rice, son, unmarried, male, 16 [1854/5], Farm Servant, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    James Rice, son, male, 13 [1857/8], Scholar, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    Mary Rice, daughter, female, 10 [1860/1], Scholar, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    Joseph Rice, son, male, 8 [1862/3], Scholar, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    John Rice, son, male, 5 [1865/6], Scholar, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire

  4. General Register Office for Scotland. 1881 Scotland Census. (Edinburgh), 892/00 001/00 001, 3 Apr 1881, Primary quality.

    Address: The Airlour, Mochrum, Wigtownshire
    17 rooms with windows
    John C. Wadling, head, married, male, 46 [1834/5], Justice of the Peace of Wigtownshire, Lieut. Col. Late 5n. foot, Retired on pension, b. Wales
    Alice C. Wadling, wife, married, female, 37 [1843/4], ditto wife, b. Govan, Lanarkshire
    Alice E.W. Wadling, daughter, female, 8 [1872/3], b. Ireland
    Daisy M.C. Wadling, daughter, female, 5 [1875/6], b. England
    Ellen C.C. Wadling, daughter, female, 4 [1876/7], b. England
    John W.C. Wadling, son, male, 2 [1878/9], b. England
    Sarah M Nee, servant, unmarried, female, 38 [1842/3], Cook Domestic Serv., b. Glenluce, Wigtownshire
    Maggie M Lauchlin, servant, unmarried, female, 26 [1854/5], Laundry Maid (Domestic Serv), b. Kirkinner, Wigtownshire
    Mary Rice, servant, unmarried, female, 20 [1860/1], Nurse (Domestic Serv), b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    Janet Steel, servant, unmarried, female, 23 [1857/8], House Maid (Domestic Serv), b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire
    James Black, servant, unmarried, male, 18 [1862/3], Groom (Domestic Serv), b. Mochrum, Wigtownshire

  5. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) RG 12 General Register Office: 1891 Census Schedules, RG12/682/106/23, 5 Apr 1891, Primary quality.

    Address: North Frith, Hadlow, Kent
    5 or more rooms occupied
    Robert G. Phippin, head, married, male, 32 [1858/9], Coachman (Domestic Serv), employed, b. Shepton Mallet, Somerset
    Mary Phippin, wife, married, female, 30 [1860/1], b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland
    Edith S. Phippin, daughter, female, 7 [1883/4], b. Edenbridge, Kent
    New Born Child Phippin, daughter, female, 5 days [1891], b. Hadlow, Kent
    Eliza Caddel, visitor, married, female, 46 [1854/5], Midwife, b. Elstead, Sussex

  6. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) RG 13 General Register Office: 1901 Census Schedules, RG13/14/38/18, 31 Mar 1901, Primary quality.

    Address: 11 Hyde Park Street, Paddington, London
    5 or more rooms occupied
    Mary Phippen, servant, widow, female, 37 [1863/4], Cook domestic, b. Scotland
    Ellen E. Dudman, servant, single, female, 31 [1869/70], Maid domestic, b. Netley, Hampshire
    Emma E. Cudling, servant, single, female, 31 [1869/70], Maid domestic, b. Whitleford, Cambridgeshire
    Emma E. Terry, servant, single, female, 26 [1874/5], Maid domestic, b. London
    Mary Johnson, servant, single, female, 19 [1881/2], Maid domestic, b. Marryley, Cambridgeshire

    Household has no 'head' listed - presumably the family was away, but the servants were still in residence on census night.

  7. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) RG 14 General Register Office: 1911 Census Schedules, RG14PN36 RG78PN1 RD1 SD1 ED36 SN87, 2 Apr 1911, Primary quality.

    Address: 87 Sutherland Avenue, Paddington, London
    10 rooms occupied
    Margaret Sweeney, head, female, 58 [1852/3], widow, Boarding house keeper, employer, b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    Mary Sweeney, daughter, female, 28 [1882/3], single, Assistant to above, b. Brixton, London
    Margaret Sweeney, son, male, 23 [1887/8], Assistant to above, b. Paddington, London
    Stephen Sweeney, son, male, 21 [1889/90], single, Railway Clerk, worker, b. Paddington, London
    Bride Connolly, boarder, female, 30 [1880/1], single, Elementary school teacher - L.C.C., worker, b. Mohel, Roscommon
    Dora Higgins, boarder, female, 22 [1888/9], single, Elementary school teacher - L.C.C., worker, b. Walthamstow, London
    Bryan G. O'Donnell, boarder, male, 21 [1889/90], Insurance clerk, worker, b. Kilmallock, Limerick
    Mary Phippen, visitor, 50 [1860/1], widow, Housekeeper (domestic), b. Whithorn, Wigtownshire
    [second household at same address - schedule 88]
    3 rooms occupied
    John Dick (brother), lodger, male, 69 [1841/2], married, Private Means, b. Mauritius, Scotch
    Rose L. Dick (sister), lodger, female, 66 [1844/5], single, Private Means, b. Mauritius, Scotch

  8. Deaths index, in General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration. (London: General Register Office), Primary quality.

    d. Mary PHIPPEN, September Quarter 1926, Thanet Registration District, Vol. 2a, page 1044, aged 65 [1860/1]

  9. 9.0 9.1 England and Wales. England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1858 onwards, Primary quality.

    PHIPPEN Mary of 5 Peploe-road Kensal Rise Middlesex widow died 7 August 1926 at the Railway Station Ramsgate Administration London 21 December to Joseph Rice police constable. Effects £240 13s. 6d.