Person:Mary Randolph (18)

Mary Isham Randolph
m. 1677
  1. Elizabeth Randolph1678/79 - 1719/20
  2. William Randolph1681 - 1742
  3. Colonel Thomas Randolph1683 - ABT 1729
  4. Isham Randolph1683/84 - 1742
  5. Mary Isham RandolphBEF 1686 - 1742
  6. Col. Richard Randolph, "of Curles"1686 - 1748
  7. Henry RandolphABT 1687 -
  8. Edward Randolphabt 1690 - aft 1756
  9. John Randolph1693 - 1737
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mary Isham Randolph
Gender Female
Birth[1] BEF. 10 OCT 1686 "Turkey Island" - Henrico County, VA
Death[1] 19 OCT 1742 "Turkey Island" - Henrico County, VA
Vital Records

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[Anc Chiswell Dabney from brooksparham.ged]

Mary Randolph is identified as the daughter of William Randolph and Mary Isham in the last will and testament of her maternal grandmother, Katherine Banks Isham, dated 1686.

  The will of Henry Isham, establishes the fact that Mary and Elizabeth Randolph were born before 10 October 1686.
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