Person:Mary Moore (289)

Mary "Polly" Moore, "The Little Captive"
m. bef 1768
  1. John Mooreabt 1768 - 1786
  2. James Moore, "The Captive"1770 - 1851
  3. Jane Mooreabt 1771 - abt 1786
  4. Joseph Mooreabt 1773 -
  5. Mary "Polly" Moore, "The Little Captive"abt 1778 -
  6. Rebecca Mooreabt 1780 - 1786
  7. Alexander Mooreabt 1782 - 1786
  8. William Mooreabt 1784 - 1786
  9. Margaret "Peggy" Mooreabt 1786 - 1786
Facts and Events
Name Mary "Polly" Moore, "The Little Captive"
Married Name Mrs. Mary "Polly" Brown
Gender Female
Birth[1] abt 1778 Tazewell, Virginia, United States[est based on being 8 at time of capture]
Other[1] 14 Jul 1786 Abbs Valley, Tazewell, Virginia, United Statesage 8 - Shawnee Indians attack and massacre Mary's family. While trying to protect her infant sister Margaret, Mary is captured and forced to march to Chillicothe, OH.

Research Notes

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  2.   Historical Highway Markers - [enter XP-5], in Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

    Five miles southwest is Abb’s Valley, discovered by Absalom Looney. James Moore and Robert Poage were the first settlers, about 1770. In July, 1786, Shawnee Indians raided the valley, killing or carrying into captivity the Moore family. Mary (Polly) Moore, Martha Evans and James Moore (captured earlier) finally returned. They are known as “The Captives of Abb’s Valley.” Virginia Conservation Commission 1939
    (Location: Lon (X): -81.33424 Lat (Y): 37.30928 ; on Rt. 102, just east of Pocahontas)