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Mary Calvert
b.19 FEB 1687 Frederick, Virginia
d.BEF 1737 Maryland
m. 29 MAY 1673
  1. Ruth Calvert1674 -
  2. Isaac Calvert1676 -
  3. Thomas Calvert1680 -
  4. Joshua Calvert1680 - 1753
  5. George Calvert1683 -
  6. Daniel Calvert1685 -
  7. Mary Calvert1687 - BEF 1737
  8. John Calvert, of Orange County, VAABT 1689 - BEF 1739
  9. Judith Calvert1690 -
m. ABT 1706
  1. John Chenoweth, Jr.1706 - 1771
  2. Mary Chenoweth1708 -
  3. Richard Chenoweth1710 - 1781
  4. Hannah Chenoweth1713 - ABT 1764
  5. Arthur Chenoweth1716 - 1802
  6. William ChenowethABT 1718 - 1785
  7. Thomas ChenowethABT 1720 - 1787
  8. Ruth ChenowethABT 1722 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mary Calvert
Gender Female
Alt Birth? 19 FEB 1686 Delaware Co, PABirth of Calvert, Mary
Birth[1] 19 FEB 1687 Frederick, Virginia
Alt Marriage 12 SEP 1705 Baltimore Co., MDto John Chenoweth, Sr.
Marriage ABT 1706 to John Chenoweth, Sr.
Death[2][3] BEF 1737 Maryland

Married about 1705, at the time when the religious strife of England was an issue. This may hae been the reason no record of their marriage can be found in England or in America, for if a priest performed the ceremony, which is most likely, he would not have made a record of it, John being a Protestand and Mary a Catholic. Also, this may account for the lack of parish records of the births of their children, as we have only bible diary records.

1717 Believed to have come to america.

She was Quaker at birth.

On 10 Aug 1697 she was christened Episcopalian.

Buckey's _History of CALVERTS_, pp. 74ff

Info from Greg NELSON, Salem, OR.

"Mary CALVERT was alleged to be the daughter of Charles Calvert, third Lord Baltimore but she was more likely (and assumed herein to be) the daughter of John Calvert, born 1648 near Belfast, and Judith Stamper.

She married John Chinoweth about 1705.

John and Mary probably emigrated from the British Isles about 1715, and settled on Gunpowder River, near Joppa, Baltimore County, Maryland, on an estate belonging to the Calverts which was called "Gunpowder Manor," possibly heired by Mary and her father. John and Mary lived there almost thirty years and raised their family of eight children and, because of their long residence here, the place gradually became known as Chenoweth Manor.

John's will mentions his wife (not by name), so she probably was living at the time of his death in April 1746. "


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