Person:Martha MItchell (1)

Martha Mitchell
b.abt. 1711 Prob. Ireland
m. 1707
  1. John Mitchell, of Beverley Manor1709 - Bef 1771
  2. Martha Mitchellabt 1711 -
  3. Jane Mitchellabt 1715 - AFT 1772
  4. Janet "Jenet" Mitchellabt 1720 - 1791
  5. Mary Mitchellabt 1724 - abt 1792
m. est. 1730
  1. Hugh Beattyest 1730-1737 - 1802
  2. Francis Beattyest 1734 - bef 1791
  3. Thomas BeattyABT 1735 -
  4. John Beattyest 1738 - 1808
  5. Agnes Beattyest 1740 -
  6. Robert Beattyest 1741 - 1781
  7. James Beatty1741 -
  8. Wallace Beattyabt 1743 -
  9. Elizabeth 'Eleanor' Beattyabt 1744 -
Facts and Events
Name Martha Mitchell
Gender Female
Birth? abt. 1711 Prob. Ireland
Marriage est. 1730 poss. Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Ensign Francis Beatty, Sr.
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Information on Martha Mitchell

Martha Mitchell was identified as the eldest daughter in her father, Thomas Mitchell's will written in 1734 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Note: this is an update, formerly it was thought that Martha was a Tate, but more conclusive evidence has been found to make the following change:

Note: the following will of Francis Beatty, spouse of Martha Mitchell proves the relationship to John Tate, as the brother-in-law of John Tate (both Francis Beatty and John Tate apparently married daughters of Thomas Mitchell (who named daughters Martha and Mary in his will written in 1734):

  • Page 437.--10th October, 1769. Francis Beaty, of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Gent., to his brother-in-law, John Tate, power of attorney to sell all lands belonging to Francis, including land bought of John Keer, on Flat Spring Branch, joining the other land where I last lived; also 200 acres joining Charles Berry. Teste: Robert Gay, John and James Beaty.
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    2. Martha Mitchell (1711) married in 1731 Francis Beatty (d.1772) , held several grants in Beverley and Bordon Manor, then moved to North Carolina. On 10 Oct 1769, Francis Beaty, Gent, of Mecklenburg Co, NC, gave John Tate Power of Attorney to sell his land in Augusta County.