Person:John Younger (10)

m. 1830
  1. Laura Helen Younger1832 - 1924
  2. Frances Isabelle Younger1833 - 1902
  3. Martha Ann Younger1835 - 1918
  4. Charles Richard Youngerabt 1838 - 1860
  5. Mary Josephine Youngerabt 1840 - aft 1870
  6. Carolyn Youngerabt 1842 - abt 1865
  7. Thomas Coleman Younger1844 - 1916
  8. Sarah Ann Younger1846 - 1925
  9. James Hardin Younger1848 - 1902
  10. Alphae Younger1850 - 1852
  11. John Harrison Younger1851 - 1874
  12. Emily Jane Younger1852 - 1907
  13. Robert Ewing Younger1853 - 1899
  14. Henrietta V. Younger1857 - 1915
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Harrison Younger
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1851 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
Census[3] 1870 Dallas County, Texas
Death[1][2] 17 Mar 1874 near Roscoe, St. Clair County, Missouri
Burial[1] Yeater Cemetery, St. Clair County, Missouri
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In 1864, he joined the Confederate army (at a very young age) with his brothers, Cole and James, and soon became a guerilla under Quantrill. Together with James, he was captured in the ambush in which Quantrill was killed and spent the rest of the war in a Union military prison.

In Jan 1866, in Independence, Missouri, he shot and killed an ex-soldier who was harassing his mother and younger brother. The court ruled it self-defense because the soldier was armed.

On 20 Jan 1871, while living with several of his brothers in Dallas, Texas, he shot and killed two Dallas deputy sheriffs.

On 17 Mar 1874, he was waylaid near Roscoe, in St. Clair County, by Pinkerton agents and was killed in the ensuing gun fight. He was originally buried by the roadside by his brother, Jim. His body later was reinterred in an unmarked grave in the nearby Yeater Cemetery, but a marker was later erected by the family.


Dallas County, 1870 census:[3]

Younger, J. H. 18 yrs Farmer (real estate = [blank]; personal estate = $2,000) b. Missouri
      Thomas 26 yrs b. Missouri
      James 22 yrs b. Missouri
      Robert 16 yrs b. Missouri
      Bettie 13 yrs b. Missouri
      Susan [BLACK] 26 yrs b. Missouri
      Bersha 50 yrs b. Missouri
NOTE: It's unclear why John was listed as head of the family rather than his mother or one of his two elder brothers.

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