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John Tenant
b.est. 1750-1762
d.bef. November 1799 prob. Virginia
m. abt. 13 January 1790
Facts and Events
Name John Tenant
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1750-1762
Marriage abt. 13 January 1790 Augusta County, Virginiato Anna Catherine Seyler
Death? bef. November 1799 prob. Virginia

John Tenant was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John Tenant in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 403.--9th January, 1790. Organization of Staunton Fire Company. W. Bowyer, Michael Bowyer, Alex. St. Clair, Ro. Gamble, James Lyle, Jr., Robert Stuart, Daniel Donovan, A. Stuart, Wm. Abney, R. Douthat, W. Chambers, Jno. and Samuel Boys, P. Heiskell, Jacob Peck, Ro. McDowell, Michael Garber, Michael Sifort, Jacob Geiger, Adam Bickle, James Megongal, A. Waterman, Robert McCullough, J. Holmes for Robert Astrop, Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Michael Garber, Jr., A. Mustoe, Alex. Humphreys, Geo. Harden, Jno. Fleiger, Sol. Wolfort, Jno. Price, Hugh McDowell, Wm. Forbes, Jno. ( ) Moore, Margt. Reed, Wm. Sharyer, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Gunn, Wm. McDowell, North and Mathews, Alex. Nelson, Jr., Jno. Bosang, Chr. Grove, James McLoughlin, Jno. ( ) Gates, Smith Thompson, Francis Huff, Michael Cawley, Christian Mummer, Nicholas Faulkler, Samuel Merrit, Daniel Kidd, Jno. Tennant, Geo. Weifford, Isaac Ong, Charles Hedrick, Joshua Parry, Henry, Spering, Anthony ( ) Ingleton, Jno. Backenst, James Kenner.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1790--January 13, John Tennant and Catherine Greiner, widow.
  • Page 106.--11th July, 1792. John Tenant and Catherine ( ) to Michael Garber, Sr., recites that John has enlisted as soldier in U. S. Army and wishes to secure a livelihood to Catherine; conveys their distributive share in estate of Jacob Seilor after death of widow of Jacob; also their rights in estate of John David Greinor, late of Staunton, deceased, whose widow Catherine is.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County, 1799--November 12, Michael Syford and James McGongal, surety. Michael Syford, widower, and Catherine Tennant, widow of John Tennant, deceased.