Person:John Shaffer (19)

Facts and Events
Name John Shaffer
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] est 1765 Winnsboro, Fairfield, South Carolina, United States
Marriage est 1790 based on two known children
to Hepsibah Elizabeth Strother
Residence[1] 1803 Feliciana, Louisiana
Death? abt 1814 Thompson Creek, Prospect Island, Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
Burial[1] Winnsboro, Fairfield, South Carolina, United StatesFamily Gravesite


From the research of Milhado Lee Shaffer: S1

John Shaffer was born in Winsboro, South Carolina. He left about 1805-1810 and settled in Louisiana near Prospect Island (Thompson Creek) and Woodville, Mississippi, not far from Fort Adams. He settled there with his son in 1803 and sold his property in South Carolina to Thomas Neal. John had a Keel Boat on the Mississippi River about 1811-1815. His route was from Prospect Island to New Orleans. When he died, he left his children with a family named Alexander who were not very kind. They were later with the Mills family and James Lilly who were very kind to them. John Shaffer's home site in South Carolina was a few miles from Winsboro. Record of site in court house at Winsboro, South Carolina. Col Strother and Hepsibah Elizabeth (Strother) Shaffer are buried in the family gravesite near Winsboro. John's son, William, was 12 years old when they left South Carolina.
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  2. Birth date is a rough estimate based on the statement that he moved to Louisiana and had a 12 year old son in 1803. Likely date range is 1760-1770. This is also the basis for the marriage date estimate.