Person:John Shaffer (19)

John Shaffer
d.abt 1810-1811 Feliciana, West Florida
  1. Isabella Shaffer
  2. John Shafferest 1770 - abt 1810-1811
m. est 1790
  1. William Alexander Shaffer1796 - 1887
  2. Hepsibah Elizabeth Shaffer1801 - 1858
Facts and Events
Name John Shaffer
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1770 South Carolina, United Stateschild William born 1796
Marriage est 1790 based on two known children
to Hepsibah Elizabeth Strother
Property[3] 1803 Feliciana, LouisianaPower of Attorney to buy land
Property[1] 1803 South Carolina, United StatesSale of Property
Death[2] abt 1810-1811 Feliciana, West Florida
Other[5] 1810 Feliciana, Louisiana, United StatesFeliciana Parish formed from West Florida Territory
Other[5] 23 Sep 1810 Fort San Carlos, Baton RougeFort Stormed by the rebels and flag of West Florida Republic raised
Other[5] 10 Dec 1810 Fort San Carlos, Baton RougeRebels surrender Fort to US Army forces of Holmes and Claiborne
Probate[2] Apr 1811 East Feliciana, Louisiana, United StatesPublic Sale of John Shaffer's Estate
  1. 1.0 1.1 John Jackson Shaffer Sheet, Abt 1960, in Milhado Lee Shaffer, Sr, Genealogy Papers,.
    John Shaffer was born in Winsboro, South Carolina. He left about 1805-1810 and settled in Louisiana near Prospect Island (Thompson Creek) and Woodville, Mississippi, not far from Fort Adams. He settled there with his son in 1803 and sold his property in South Carolina to Thomas Neal. John had a Keel Boat on the Mississippi River about 1811-1815. His route was from Prospect Island to New Orleans. When he died, he left his children with a family named Alexander who were not very kind. They were later with the Mills family and James Lilly who were very kind to them.

    John Shaffer's home site in South Carolina was a few miles from Winsboro. Record of site in court house at Winsboro, South Carolina. Col Strother and Hepsibah Elizabeth (Strother) Shaffer are buried in the family gravesite near Winsboro.

    John's son, William, was 12 years old when they left South Carolina.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Petition of Joshua Alexander Curator. Records of the Seventh Superior Court, Document Number 352, 26 May 1813.

    Louisiana, Feliciana Parish
    Salutation: To the Honorable Thomas Butler Judge of the District Court of the third District of the State of Louisiana sitting in and for the Parish of Feliciana
    Filing Date: 1813-May-26
    Ending Date: 1814-February-27
    Joshua Alexander seeks to collect a debt on behalf of William and Elizabeth Shaffer, children of the late John Shaffer. Alexander is William's and Elizabeth's curator. In April 1811, John Shaffer's estate was sold at a public sale, at which time John Leggo purchased a slave named Esseck for the sum of $999, payable in three equal installments. Two-thirds of the purchase price is now past due. Alexander prays that both Leggo and John Arick, the man who pledged himself as security on the debt, be ordered to pay the debt with interest and costs of the suit.
    Result: granted
    # of Petition Pages: 3
    Related Documents: Verdict, ca. February 1814; Judgment, 27 February 1814
    Repository: East Feliciana Parish Courthouse, Clinton, Louisiana
    Race & Slavery Petitions Project

  3. John Shafford Power of Attorney to Caleb Weeks, 5 Dec 1803.

    FROM: Archives of the Spanish Government of West Florida, Vol. VII, p. 48. [copied at West Feliciana Parish Courthourse, St. Francisville, Louisiana, Dec 2015]

    [original in Spanish]

    Power of attorney given by John Shafford to Caleb Weeks relative to making a demand and claim for a tract of land.

    Be it known unto all who may see this document, [p. 161] that I, John Shafford, of the District of Feliciana, a dependency of Baton Rouge, depose that I give my power of attorney, as complete as may be required by law and may be necessary, in due legal form, to Caleb Weeks, in order that in my name and representing me, my rights, and actions, he may solicit and make a demand and claim for a tract of land which I have requested, doing in this instance all the necessary proceedings, which I will approve, as from then I do approve, constituting myself responsible for whatever he will do for its attainment, obligating to this my property, present and future. I empower the justices of His Majesty in order that they may compel me to its performance with the force of a rendered [p. 162] judgment, renouncing the laws in my favor with the general one which may prohibit it. In testimony whereof, this act is executed at Baton Rouge on the fifth day of the month of December of the year of one thousand eight hundred and three.

    I, Don Carlos de Grand-Pré, Colonel of the Royal Armies, Civil and Military Governor of the Post and settlements of Baton Rouge, certify that I know the executor who signed it; Francisco Miranda and Juan Peres being witnesses present.

    At the moment of signing, he said he did not know how to write, and he made his mark.

    Cross of the executor X

    [signed] Carlos de Grand-Pré
    [signed] Franco. Miranda

  4.   Family Bible of Minerva Ann Canty Shaffer.

    John Shaffer of Winnsboro SC born about 1770 died in La about 18?? (of Prospect Island Thompson Creek)

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