Person:John Morrow (2)

m. 5 Nov 1779
  1. George Morrow1780 - before 1848
  2. Hugh Morrow1786 - bet 1852
  3. John Morrow1793 - 1836
  4. Robert Morrow1795 - 1849
  5. Alexander Martin Morrow1801 - 1860
m. abt 1822
  1. Laura Ann Morrow (1)
  2. Demosthenes Graccus Morrow1823 - 1905
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte Morrowabt 1825 - abt 1865
  4. Baron Dekalb Morrow1828 - 1901
m. abt 1832
  1. Eliza Jane Morrow (1)
  2. Mary Morrow (1)
  3. William Robert Morrowabt 1834 -
  4. Hugh James Morrow1836 - aft 1900
Facts and Events
Name John Morrow
Gender Male
Birth[2] 25 Feb 1793 Guilford County, North Carolina
Marriage abt 1822 Warren County, Tennesseeto Minerva (1)
Marriage abt 1832 McMinnville, Warren, Tennessee, United Statesto Hiley Thaxton
Death[1][3] 24 Mar 1836 McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee

Fought in War of 1812, including battle of Horse Shoe Bend. Kids got land in Green Co, MO for service. Married 3 times, but only a few of the younger kids seem to have gone west. They were young when he died, as they were raised by their uncle Robert in Missouri. When Robert died, his children went to live with his oldest son William in Buffalo, Dallas Co, MO, so John's children may have followed.

John Morrow acquired 50 acres in Warren County, TN in 1825, 25 acres in 1826, and 12.5 acres in 1830.

One source says he had a son Cicero, but no record otherwise exists. He may have been the son who died on the trip to California in the 1840s.

  1. Noncupative will of John Morrow, presented 5 Jun 1836.

    Best efforts translation: The last will and testament of John Morrow Deceased late of Warren County Tennessee <initially?> made at his own house in his last sickness and of <which?> sickness he in a few days thereafter Died. The said John Morrow willed and D___ <directed?> that his son Robert Morrow* have his little Sorrell horse and that John Evans <Morrow?*> S_app_ him for a mere al__ a fr___ of and a ?rlaw and that his Daughter Mary Morrow* have his __ sow with a white face and that his wife <Morrow?*> have the use of his horse, cow and <g or j>__rs to assist here in the nursing of her children <Said?> John further willed and desired that the balance of his property should be ___ and equally divided amongst his children . He further willed and desired that his wife should not have the power to sell or dispose of the property ?? to Robert and Mary. The foregoing will was made by the ___ John at his own <hand’s?> labor and in his dwelling and the said John there and there specifically called upon and <requested?> Elisha Reynalds, Elisha Pepper, Joseph Peppers and Hugh Lewis ___ witness of his said last will and the John Morrow Died on or about the 24th March 1836 and said will was ___ by the aforesaid Elisha Peppers, Elisha Reynolds and Hugh Lewis on this the 5th June 1836. Elisha Reynolds Hugh Lewis Elisha Peppers *These four words all look the same. The last letters do not look the same as the “w” on the words that are clearly John Morow. Were it not for the logical reason that his children share his name, it would look like Shawed.

  2. Pension Application of Elizabeth Shaw Morrow for husband Robert.
  3. Date appears in will - see transcription