Person:James Walker (122)

James Walker
m. 1743
  1. Joseph Culton Walker1744 - 1815
  2. Mary Walkerabout 1750 -
  3. John Walkerabout 1750 - BEF 1797
  4. James Walkerabout 1752 - 1835
  5. Alexander Walkerabout 1754 - ABT 1820
  6. Samuel Walker1758 -
  7. William Walker1758 - 1837
  8. Jane Walkerabout 1760 - before 1797
  9. Margaret Walkerabout 1762 -
  10. Andrew Walkerabout 1764 -
  11. Eleanor Walkerabout 1766 -
  • HJames Walkerabout 1752 - 1835
  • WAnn Walker1754 - ABT 1835
m. 24 February 1774
  1. Ann Walker1775-1796 - 1829
  2. James Walker1775-1796 -
  3. Jane Walker1775-1796 -
  4. Joseph Culton Walker1775-1796 -
  5. Alexander R. Walker1775-1796 - 1833
  6. John Walker1775-1796 - 1823
  7. Margaret Walker1777 -
  8. William Hammer Walker1797 - 1859
Facts and Events
Name James Walker
Gender Male
Birth? about 1752 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage 24 February 1774 to Ann Walker
Death? 20 August 1835 Morgan, Illinois, United States
Burial? Yatesville Cemetery, Morgan, Illinois, United States
Vital Records

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Source:White, 1902:327, 615
Source:Chalkley's Chronicles
Transcript.Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles


Notebook:James Walker 122
List of James Walker Records in Chalkley's Chronicles

Family Relations

John Walker I (191)
Person:Alexander Walker (14) John Walker II (190)
John 217
Alexander 26
John III 81 James 126 Samuel 41 Samuel 55
the Orphan
Alexander 28 Joseph 55 Thomas
(81) X
(177) X

Joseph 79
Alexander 16
James 122
John 220
Samuel 64
Andrew 12
William 176 .

John 249
Joseph 71 X

John IV (149)
Samuel 49 .

John 211 .

Samuel 42
James 114
John 202
Joseph 51
Joel 5

James 164
Samuel 68

John 207
William 172
James 120
Alexander 24 X
Joseph 60
Alexander 27
Joseph 60
David 31

William 198 X
John 258 X
Joseph 50
James 127
Samuel 47

Most, but not all, Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles can be traced to the Wigton Walker line as describe by White 1902. The above is a Summary of Male Descendancy of the Wigton Walker line, based on White, 1902. This includes the Walkers Creek and Natural Bridge lineages. Also included is thethe lines of Samuel the Orphan, known to be related to the Line of John III by YDNA, but also known not to be related to the line of Samuel of Natural Bridge. Not currently shown are the lines of, Alexander the Orphan, and the Letterkenney Walkers, all of which share the Walkers Creek YDNA signature with John III and Samuel the Orphan.) Entries marked "X", indicate individuals who are believed to have "died young", died without children, or about whom nothing is known.

Person LinkDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherNotes
Person:James Walker (126) 1706 1793 1737 Mary Guffy John Walker II Katherine Rutherford
Person:James Walker (164) 1746
Person:James Walker (120) 1751 1800 1778 Mary Gray Person:Alexander Walker (28) Jane Hammer
Person:James Walker (122) 1752 1835 1774 Ann Walker Gunstocker John Margaret Culton
Person:James Walker (114) 1752 1791 1786 Jane Thompson Samuel of Natural Bridge Jane Patterson
Person:James Walker (127)176418381)1790;
1) Esther Beard;
2) Esther Alexander
Joseph (55) Nancy McClung
Person:James Walker (XXX)
Person:James Walker (189)175518371783 Catherine Miller Thomas Walker Elizabeth
Person:James Walker (134) 1780 Willliam Walker (128)
Laurel Fork
List of James Walker Records in Chalkley's ChroniclesWalkers in Chalkley's Chronicles


Image:Augusta County.jpg James Walker is mentioned in the will of John Walker, dated 27 Mar 1797 and proved 3 Oct 1797, as his son.[1] He married his second cousin Anne Walker and though she is not named in her father Alexander's will, dated 5 May 1784 and proved 7 Sep 1784, James is referred to as his son-in-law and was appointed one of his executors along with Anne's brother David.[2] He and James appear to have had a close relationship and often appear with each other in the public record. In the early years of their marriage James and Anne lived near her immediate family on 86 acres along Cedar Creek that James purchased in May 1777.
He purchased another farm on Walkers Creek adjacent to that of his father from Arthur and Mary (Walker) Graham/Grimes, his brother-in-law and sister, on 4 Sep 1787.[3] James and Ann sold the Cedar Creek property to Person:John Walker (202), her first cousin and his second cousin, on 28 Aug 1789.[4] The remainder of their years in Rockbridge were spent on Walkers Creek where they were joined by Anne's brother David who purchased an adjoining farm that once belonged to Person:Alexander Walker (26), James' uncle. He and Anne as well as David and his wife Jane sold their Walkers Creek property on 1 Sep 1795, probably in anticipation of moving to Kentucky.[5]


Image:Green County, KY Location Map.jpg

James and his brother-in-law David both purchased property on Russell's Creek in Green County, Kentucky, on 15 May 1798. [6] This property later fell within the boundaries Adair County, Kentucky, when it was formed from Green County in 1801. James and Ann sold their original farm, purchased in 1798, on 11 Sep 1830, probably in anticipation of moving to Illinois (Adair DB H:9). They and their son William, who was probably acting as their attorney, are described as "of Morgan County, Illinois" in a deed, dated 17 Aug 1831, disposing of their remaining property in Adair County.[7]


James and Anne settled in Morgan County near Yatesville. They did not purchase any property in the area and probably lived with their children who settled there as well. James died 20 August 1835 and was buried at the Yatesville Cemetery. After his death, Anne probably went to live with her son Person:William Walker (178) in nearby McDonough County where she died either in late 1835 or 1836. Neither of the two left estate or probate records.


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