Person:James Maxwell (67)

James Maxwell
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Name James Maxwell
Gender Male


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Currently (June 2012) there are 152 Member Trees on Ancestry for James son of Bazaleel Maxwell and Rebecca Boyd. 49 of those trees give his POB as Albermarle County, and all but 6 of those give his DOB as 15 August 1745. Another 45 trees give his POB as Scotland, with a DOB of 1744. Finally, 40 trees give his POB as Augusta, all of which cite a 15 August 1745 DOB.

The 15 August 1745 DOB seems to be in error, being apparently based on the birth register for Rev. Craig of Stony Mountain and Tinkling Springs congregations in Augusta County. While there is a James Maxwell in that register shown as being baptized on that date, his father is not identified as Bazaleel, but as John Maxwell. There are no other entries for James, and none whatsoever for anyone using the name Bazaleel.

Interestingly enough, all, or almost all, of the tree's identifying his POB as Scotland, also give his DOB as 1788, and his POB as Valley Forge, PA.

These data suggest that different genealogists are mixing and matching data for "their" James Maxwell. While all give Bazaleel Maxwell and Rebecca Boyd as his parents, it seems likely that that there are two distinct James Maxwell's being looked at: one who lived and died in PA, the other born in Albemarle. Which one was born to Bezaleel maxwell and Rebecca Boyd is up in the air.