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James Best
d.17 March 1831 Adams County, Ohio
m. abt. 1752
  1. James Best1753 - 1831
  2. Francis Bestabt 1760/66 - 1820
  3. Mary Bestest 1765-1775 -
  4. Isabella Bestabt 1770 -
m. abt. 1784
  1. John Best1784 - 1861
  2. Jane Best1786 -
  3. Franklin Best1788 - 1849
  4. Nancy Ann Best1790 - 1840
  5. Isabella Best1792 - 1853
  6. Irwin Best1794 - 1794
  7. Margaret M. Best1796 - 1849
  8. Mary Best1798 - 1873
  9. James Coulter Best1802 - 1883
  10. Elizabeth Ray Best1804 - 1864
  11. Sophia Best1807 - 1808
  12. George Coulter Best1809 - aft 1830
  13. William White Best1812 - 1885
Facts and Events
Name James Best
Alt Name James Bess
Gender Male
Birth? 1 August 1753 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1784 to Mary Coulter
Death? 17 March 1831 Adams County, Ohio

James Best was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 400.--21st August, 1781. George Gibson and Elizabeth, of Washington County, to James and Francis Best.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 394.--27th August, 1764. Abraham Bess's (Biss) will--To son James, infant, 131 acres adjoining James Johnson; to eldest daughter Margaret, infant; to eldest of surviving children at Margaret's death; tract in Forks of James to be sold. Wife Isabell Biss, executrix. Teste: Joseph Cloyd, Wm. Beard, Jno. Bradley. Proved, 21st May, 1765, by Cloyd and Beard. Isabella qualifies (her mark ), with Jno. Smith, David Mitchell.
  • Page 28.--28th April, 1773. Henry ( ) Dawson and Mary ( ) to Neil Adair, on South Mountain at Reed's Gap, patented to Henry, 1770. Teste: Walter Davis, James Best, Samuel Love, John ( ) Wiley.
  • Vol. 2 - A list of levys returned bad by John Smith for 1773-1774: William Amil, Hugh Brown, Geo. Wm. Downs, Wm. Erwin, Robert Herslit, Andrew Marchell, John Chism, Sam'l Erwin, twice returned; James Hockens, Mark Haden, George Jones, Thos. Mathews, Neal McMullen, Robert Campbell, twice returned; John Welch, James Brown, Conchy John, John McCoy, John Michel, David Martain, Nicklis Sallis, Robert Stephen, Dunchan McGrary, Campbell McColly, Francis Bowry, James Best, John Burger, James Scott, William Koles, Edward Nost, Michel McMaster, John Willay, Francis Brown, twice returned; John Crookshanks, James Dobbens, James Graham, Wm. McGill, twice returned; Chas. Conselven, Peter Counts, Abram Goodpaster, Anthony Foegale, John Reed, Cornelius Suliven, John Thomas, John Allison, twice returned; George Campbell, Thos. Dunbarr, John Erwin, Negro Moll, Wm. Wallace, Jno. Counrodright, Robert Ebison, Dabney Harris, Robert Love, James Demsay, Jno. Hunt, James Kerr, Wheilly Newby, James Porterfield, James Kenny, twice returned; Jno. Johnston, Jno. Rothwell, James Patterson, twice returned; Jacob Grass, Jr., twice returned.
  • Page 426.--16th September, 1778. John Meclure to Andrew Alexander, part of the plantation said John now lives on, on South River. Delivered: John Alexander, one of the heirs of the grantor (grantee ?). Teste: James Best.
  • Page 311.--8th May, 1783. Samuel Black's estate appraised by Cornelius Ruddle, Thos. Rutledge, Alex. Thompson. Continental Loan Office Certificates of June, 1780, for $6,000. James Best's account.
  • Page 235.--1788. The estate of John Coulter, deceased, to David Coulter, executor; 1789, paid Joseph, John, James, Isabella Coulter, David Rhea, James Best, Francis Best, Jno. Bratton.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1794--April 15, John Berry and James Best, surety. John Berry and Isabella Best. Affidavit of Jno. Berry that Isabella is over 21.
  • Page 174.--9th June, 1795. John Brooks' estate appraised by Walter Davis, David Henderson, James Best.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1795--August 22, John Linch and James Best, surety. John Linch and Mary Best.
  • Vol. 2 - 22d September, 1806--Anne Ballzel, Saml. Campbell, administrators of Jacob Baltzel; Mary Brooks, James Best, administrators of Samuel Brooks; Saml. McCray, administrator of Margt. Armstrong.
  • Page 164.--25th May, 1810. David Caruthers' will--To wife, Elizabeth; sons, James and John; oldest daughter, Jean; daughters. Executors, wife, Samuel Jackson. Proved, 27th May, 1816. Best refuses to qualify. Others qualify.