Person:James Anderson (122)

m. ABT 1733
  1. Margaret 'Peggy' AndersonABT 1735 - 1810
  2. Mary AndersonBEF 1736 -
  3. Esther Anderson1736-1739 - BEF 1779
  4. John AndersonABT 1740 -
  5. Gen. Robert Anderson1741 - 1812
  6. William AndersonABT 1742 - 1817
  7. Jane AndersonABT 1744 - 1811
  8. Rebecca AndersonABT 1746 -
  9. James Anderson1746 - 1813
  10. Col. Andrew Anderson1748 - BET 1821 AND 1823
  11. Daughter AndersonABT 1750 -
  • HJames Anderson1746 - 1813
  • WAgnes Craig1754 - 1841
m. 10 DEC 1771
  1. Mary AndersonABT 1772 -
  2. Nancy Anderson1772-1790 -
  3. James Anderson1772-1785 -
  4. Robert Anderson1772-1790 -
  5. George Anderson1772-1790 -
  6. Jane Anderson1772-1790 -
  7. Ann Anderson1772-1790 -
  8. Isaac Anderson1785 - 1871
  9. Margaret Anderson1786-1809 -
  10. William Anderson1790 - 1853
  11. Sarah Anderson1792 - 1857
  12. Elizabeth AndersonBEF 1807 -
Facts and Events
Name James Anderson
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1746 Tinkling Springs, near Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Birth? 1746
Alt Birth? 1746 Tinkling Springs, near Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia
Baptism[3] 6 MAR 1747/48 Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 10 DEC 1771 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes Craig
Death? 9 SEP 1813 Anderson County, South Carolina
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James Anderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 73.--8th November, 1786. James Anderson and Ann (Agness) to Nathaniel Birkett (delivered: Andrew Moody, 25th October, 1788), part of 747 acres conveyed to John Anderson by Beverley, 16th March, 1739; also part of 135 acres patented to said John and since conveyed to James by said John, 15th May, 1781.

Information on James Anderson

Anderson, James {I2096} [Male] Death: 9 SEP 1813 Pendleton,Anderson Co.,South Carolina Married to Craig, Agnes {I2102} [Female] Birth: 10 APR 1754 Augusta Co.,Virginia - Death: 1838 Anderson Co.,South Carolina - Marriage: 10 DEC 1771 Augusta Co.,Virginia Anderson, Mary {I2140} [Female] Birth: ABT 1772 ,Augusta Co.,Virginia Married to Watson, James {I2193} [Male] Anderson, Robert {I2141} [Male] Death: ,Mississippi Anderson, Sarah {I2142} [Female] Birth: 1792 - Death: 1857 Alabama Married to Orr, William {I2192} [Male] Anderson, Jane {I2143} [Female] Death: ,Mississippi Married to Mc Kensie, {I2191} [Male] Anderson, James {I2144} [Male] Married to Kincaid, {I2187} [Female] Anderson, Nancy {I2145} [Female] Death: ,Georgia Married to Mathews, John {I2190} [Male] Anderson, George {I2146} [Male] Death: ,Texas Anderson, Ann {I2147} [Female] Death: ,Georgia Married to Orr, James {I2186} [Male] Anderson, Isaac {I1950} [Male] Birth: 10 OCT 1785 ,,North Carolina - Death: MAR 1871 Ellisville,Jones Co.,Mississippi Married to Powell, Teresa {I1951} [Female] Birth: ABT 1789 Edgefield District,South Carolina - Death: 1 DEC 1850 Ellisville,Jones Co.,Mississippi - Marriage: 10 MAR 1807 ,,South Carolina Anderson, William {I2148} [Male] Birth: 9 JUN 1790 South Carolina - Death: 12 MAY 1853 South Carolina Married to Hunter, Mary McEldowny {I2184} [Female] Birth: 25 MAY 1802 - Death: 1 JUN 1884 ,South Carolina - Marriage: 16 SEP 1824 ,South Carolina Anderson, Elizabeth {I2149} [Female] Death: ,Alabama Married to Anderson, Saxon {I2183} [Male] Marriage: 12 JAN 1825 ,Jackson Co.,Georgia Anderson, Margaret {I2150} [Female]

       14            vii.    James Anderson1, born March 16, 1745/46 in Augusta County, Virginia; died September 09, 1813 in Anderson Co., South Carolina.  He married Agnes Craig December 10, 1771 in Augusta County, Virginia; born April 10, 1754 in Virginia; died 1838 in South Carolina.

Notes for James Anderson:

! (1) "Gleanings of Virginia History," by William Fletcher Boogher ( 1965) p.114-115,314-315. FHL #975.5 H2bw.

 (2) "Annals of Augusta County From 1726 to 1871," by Joseph Addiso n Waddell (2nd. Ed., C. Russell Caldwell, Staunton, VA, 1902). FHL fi lm #1000,633, item 2.
 (3) "Augusta County Marriages 1748-1840," by John Vogt & T. Willia m Kethley Jr., p.32. FHL #975.5916 V2v.

! Birth: (1) s/o John Anderson/Jean.

 Baptism: (1) 6 Mar 1748, Old Stone Church, Augusta Co., VA.
 Marriage to Agnes Craig: (1) 10 Dec 1771. (3) James Anderson obtain ed a marriage license, Augusta Co., VA, 10 Dec 1771. No return.
 Death: (1) 9 Sep 1813.
 Burial: (1) Old Carmel Church graveyard not far from Pendleton, SC.

 (1,2) Moved to South Carolina a few years before the Revolutionar y War.
 (1) Settled first near Rock Mills, in what was then Pendleton Distr ict, later Anderson Co., SC.
 (1) After a few years he moved to the head waters of Rocky River o n Beaver Dam Creek. His plantation was later owned by Richard H. Ande rson, his grandson.
 (1,2) Was Captain in the American army during the Revolutionary War.

Notes for Agnes Craig:

! (1) "Gleanings of Virginia History," by William Fletcher Boogher ( 1965) p.114-115,314-315. FHL #975.5 H2bw.

 (2) "Early Western Augusta County Pioneers," by George W, Cleek, p. 338.

! Birth: (1) d/o James Craig/Mary Laird. (1,2) 10 Apr 1754.

 Death: (1) 1838.

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Husband's Name

James ANDERSON (AFN:1H58-ZGK)    

Born:  1746  Place:  , , Augusta Co, VA 

Father:  John ANDERSON (AFN:RRC0-46)    
Mother:  Jean Jane (AFN:1H58-ZCX)   

Wife's Name

Agnes CRAIG (AFN:JL5R-TR)    

Born:  10 Apr 1754  Place:  Of Va 

Father:  James CRAIG (AFN:JL5T-F0)    
Mother:  Mary LAIRD (AFN:JL5T-G5)   

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