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Humberston Lyon
b.1724 Maryland
m. abt. 1723
  1. Humberston Lyon1724 - 1784
  2. Stephen Lyon1726 - 1754
  3. Alexander Lyon1732 -
  4. Nathaniel Lyon1735-1740 - abt 1820
  5. Lt Col James Lyon1736 - 1817
  6. Hannah Lyon1742 - abt 1775
  • HHumberston Lyon1724 - 1784
  • W.  Nancy Pemberton (add)
Facts and Events
Name Humberston Lyon
Gender Male
Birth? 1724 Maryland
Death? 1784 Washington County, Virginia

Humberston Lyon, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Humberston Lyon in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 70.--Settlement of above estate, by Wm. Herbert--1766, paid Jesse Townsend for corn; paid Rees Bowen, John Jankins, Fredk. Horns, Geo. Yeates. To my commission (?) to Humberston Lyon, Jr. Paid David Duttose.

Land Records in Washington County, VA

  • Page 48 - Humberson Lyon...370 ac...on both sides of the north fork of Holstein river...Commissioners Certificate...on the east bank of the river...on the north bank of the river and crossing the river below the mouth of Cedar Creek...running with Pikes lines...on John Simmons corner...April 24, 1783 - Humberson Lyon, assignee of Abraham Crabtree...400 ac...on both sides of the north fork of Holstein River, includes improvements...348 ac, surveyed for Lyon May 26, 1774...actual settlement made in 1772...August 27, 1781
  • Page 48 - Humberston Lyon...150 ac...on both sides of the north fork of Holstein River on the north side of his settlement survey...Treasury Warrant...Beginning corner to the settlement tract...under the Piney Mountain...on the south side of Laurell Knob...April 24, 1783...