Person:Henry Williams (114)

Henry Clarence Williams
m. 15 NOV 1866
  1. Henry Clarence Williams1869 -
  2. William O Williams1870 -
  3. Alfred E WilliamsABT 1873 -
  4. Harriet Ethel Williams1877 - 1913
  5. L.R. WilliamsABT 1880 -
  6. Mabel Williams1880 -
  7. Ralph Garfield Williams1883 - 1958
  • HHenry Clarence Williams1869 -
  • WAmanda R
m. 1898
  1. Harold R Williams1898 -
  2. Lester Clarence Williamsabt 1906 - 1952
Facts and Events
Name[3] Henry Clarence Williams
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] SEP 1869 Boone, Iowa, United States
Marriage 1898 to Amanda R
Census 6 Jun 1900 Frisco, Canadian, Oklahoma, United Stateswith Amanda R
Vital Records

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Living in Piedmont circa 1907.

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    1885 Iowa State Census
  3. Lester Clarence Williams, in Washington (State). Bureau of Vital Statistics. Death certificates, 1907-1960: Index to death certificates, 1907-1979, FHL #2033234, Certificate 17649#, 1952.

    Father's Name: Henry Clarence Williams
    /Family Search [1]