Person:Harman Kemper (1)

Harman Kemper
m. 1716
  1. Dorothy Kemperabt 1714 -
  2. Peter Kemper1717 - 1788
  3. Harman Kemperabt 1718 - 1774
  4. Catherine Kemper1720 - bet 1800-1810
  5. John Kemper1722 - 1799
  6. Mary Kemper1726 -
m. 1750
  1. John Kemper1749 - 1842
  2. Solomon Camperabt 1751 - bef 1823/24
Facts and Events
Name Harman Kemper
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1718 Germantown, Germanna Colony, Virginia
Marriage 1750 to Catherine Cuntze
Death? 29 March 1774 Fauquier County, Virginia

Harman Kemper was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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(Kemper Genealogy pg. 6). Harman Kemper's sons seem to have spelled the name Camper instead of Kemper. Harman died in Fauquier Co., Va. in 1774, his inventory being dated March 29, 1774 (Kemper Genealogy pg.61;

Fauquier Co. Minute Book 1773-80 pages 139 & 171) For some reason the widow, Catherine Kamper and the son Peter, relinquished their rights of administration, and the administration was turned over to Arthur Morson (Minute Book 1773-80 page 138), relationship unknown. In 1774 and 1775 Catherine Kemper (called the elder in one deed), widow of Harman Kemper, and Peter Kemper and Alice his wife (Peter is called eldest son in the last deed) deeded all of Harman Kemper's land in Fauquier Co. to John Kemper of Culpeper Co., Harman Button and Peter Greenleaves (Fauquier Co. D. B. 6, pages 69, 71 & 132) and the whole family moved away, probably to Shenandoah Co., Va. Catherine (Cuntze) Kemper was still living on March 27, 1775, the date of the last deed.