Person:George Bowman (1)

George Bowman, of Augusta & Frederick County, VA
d.Bef. 21 May 1766 Frederick County, Virginia
  1. George Bowman, of Augusta & Frederick County, VA1706 - Bef 1766
  • HGeorge Bowman, of Augusta & Frederick County, VA1706 - Bef 1766
  • WMary Hite1707/8 - 1768
m. 1731
  1. John George Bowman1732 -
  2. Captain Jacob Bowman1733 - 1782
  3. Elizabeth Bowman1735 -
  4. Emma Maria 'Mary' Bowman1735 - 1820
  5. Col. John Bowman1738 - 1784
  6. Sarah Bowman1741 - 1817
  7. Regina Bowman1743 - 1828
  8. Col. Abraham Bowman1748 - 1837
Facts and Events
Name George Bowman, of Augusta & Frederick County, VA
Alt Name George Baumann
Gender Male
Birth? 1706 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1731 Berks County, Pennsylvaniato Mary Hite
Death? Bef. 21 May 1766 Frederick County, Virginia
Alt Death? 1768 Frederick County, Virginia

George Bowman was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 143.--15th August, 1746. William Linwell and Elenor, his wife, to George Bowman, of County Frederick, £100 Pennsylvania currency; 500 acres purchased of Jost Hite & Co. on Linwell's Creek; line of Joseph Bryan (in his possession) ; Wm. Linwell's mark ( ); Elinor Linwell's mark ( ). Witnesses, Gabriel Jones and Benj. Johnston. Acknowledged, 20th August, 1746.
  • Page 369.--Jost Hite to George Bowman, 4th October, 1749, Linwell's Creek, lot No. 8, 545 acres. Teste: John Hite.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 60.--16th August, 1749. George Bowman, son of Cornelius, deceased, and Ann Bowman to his mother, Ann Bowman, chattels and slave. Teste: Martin Shoemaker, Wm. Rogers.

Record of George Bowman's Estate Administration

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 451.--21st May, 1766. Felix Gilbert's bond (with Gabriel Jones) as administrator of Geo. Bowman.

Records of George Bowman in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT - 1750 - Petition of Rees Thomas to build a mill on his place on Brook's Creek. (Signed) James Reed, James Claypole, Jonathon Dugles, Martin Shoomacer, William Smith, Francis Green, William Cleypole, John Miller, Charles Daily, Jacob Gem, Robert Williams, James Cleypole, Jr., Adam Reder, George Bowman.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1764 (B). - Bowman vs. Bird.--Cornelius Bowman, father of George and Peter Bowman. Peter Bowman's widow, Margaret, married Van Pelt.
  • Page 109.--19th May. 1755. Samuel McMahon's appraisement, by Thos. Stevenson, John Campbell, David Stevenson, and accounts--Paid Saml. McMahon, George Bowman, Jno. Reybourn. To Robert McMahon, Cr., 21st May. 1755, by appraisement.
  • Page 465.--9th August, 1762. John O'Bryan and Mary and Cornelius O'Bryan and Ann, partition. Cornelius O'Bryan was in his lifetime seised jointly with John and Cornelius O'Bryan in 500 acres on Linvel's Creek, conveyed to them by Hite & Co., 24th June, 1744. By the death of Cornelius, the father, John and Cornelius, his sons, became by survivorship, joint tenants, and they conveyed to their brother Thomas O'Bryan, 150 acres, 10th July, 1762. Now John and Cornelius partition the remaining 350 acres, John to have as follows, cor. McCay's crossing, Linvel's Creek, kern of stones; cor. Thomas O'Bryan, Watering Spring, 200 acres. Cornelius to have as follows: 150 acres, cor. George Bowman near a graveyard; cor. Thos O'Bryan, Bald Hill. Proved by witnesses. Delivered to Thomas O'Bryan, July, 1766.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1766 (A). - Bowman vs. Benson and wife.-- George Bowman complains of John Benson and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Calvie, 1765. Margaret Calwell, widow of Robert Calwell; Isaac Johnson and Isaac Robinson were brothers-in-law. Isaac Johnson is about to move to Carolina.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1767, (B). - Daniel Pierce and wife, Ketren, vs. George Bowman's Estate.--1764, account.
  • Page 26.--17th May, 1768. Same to same (Francis Green and Margaret ( ) to Evan Thomas), 5 shillings, 22 acres on a branch of Linvel's Creek near foot of Round Hill joining George Bowman, patented to Francis 10th November, 1757. Delivered: As above.
  • Page 153.--22d January, 1776. Abraham Miller and Elizabeth to John Kring, lot 8 on Linvel's Creek, devised to John Bowman by his father, George Bowman, patent to John Scott 21st November, 1765, on McKay's draft, a branch of Linvel's Creek, patented to Abram Miller 1st March, 1773. Teste: Daniel, Joseph and Robert Smith, John Thomas, Cornelius Ruddle.
  • Vol. 2 - Hite vs. Ready--O. S. 118; N. S. 40--Deed 24th November, 1772. Jacob Bordon and Mary, his wife, of Frederick County, to George Adam Bowman, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Recorded in Dunmore County Court, 24th November, 1772. Deed 23d March, 1797. Augustine Reedy and Minna of Shenandoah County to Philip Ready. Proved in Shenandoah County 11th April, 1797. George Mummah, who married Elisibed (Allice) Boughman, late of Lancaster County, deceased, one of daughters and heirs of John Boughman of Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, yeoman, deceased. Nicholas Bower, who married Maria Boughman, deceased, another of daughters and heirs of above. Sebastian Wiedman, who married Anna Boughman, another of the daughters, &c. Joseph Charle, who is intermarried with Elizabeth Bowman, another of daughters, &c. All above, viz: George, Nicholas, Sebastian, and Joseph, are of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Nicholas Young, of York County, Pennsylvania, and Christina, his wife; also one of daughters and heirs, &c. Above heirs release their interest as heirs to John in tract sold by Jost Hite to John in 1739; to Benjamin Leyman (Lehman), who married Barbara, another daughter of John, by release dated 13th August, 1770. John Boughman died intestate leaving above issue. Copy of survey November 22, 1751, for John Boughman of Pennsylvania, of 500 acres. Copy of release by above heirs to Benj. Lehman, dated 2d June, 1763. Recorded in Virginia Land Office. Copy dated 21st September, 1799. Copy of grant by Fairfax to George Keller, 1762. Copy of deed 8th April, 1796. George Adam Bowman and Mary, his wife, of Shenandoah County, to Augustine Ready. Recorded in Shenandoah 13th April, 1796.
  • Vol. 2 - Carrier vs. Bowman--O. S. 291; N. S. 103--Will of John Bowman, Sr, of Rockingham. Wife, Mary Magdalene Bowman; sons, George, John; daughter, Elizabeth Roller; daughter, Barbara Shaffer; daughter, Catharine Carrier; daughter, Mary Miller. Dated 4th March, 1816. Recorded March, 1816. Richard Hughes, aged above 60, deposes 9th June, 1817. David Hughes, aged 22 or 23 years, deposes 9th June, 1817. Paul Rawler, aged 30 years, deposes 9th June, 1817. Henry Shaver, aged 31 years, deposes 9th June, 1817. William Patrick, aged 19 years, deposes 9th June, 1817. Peter Crim, aged 31 years, deposes 9th June, 1817. Philip Ritchie, aged 38 years, deposes, 9th June, 1817, has known Frederick Smith 20 years. Knew him in Loudon County. Frederick was a school teacher. One of Philip's brothers' sons married Smith's daughter. Jacob Niece, aged 79 years, deposes, 9th June, 1817, has known Jacob May all his life; knew his father in Pennsylvania. Jacob Bowers, aged 27 years, deposes 9th June, 1817. Samuel Coffman, aged 45 years, deposes, 9th June, 1817, Jacob Miller was brother-in-law of George Bowman. Andrew Coffman, aged 42 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. Abraham Knopp, aged 32 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. Elizabeth Minick, aged 22 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. George Minick, aged 24 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. Philip Weaver, aged 27 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. Felix Albert, aged 25 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. Jacob May, aged 29 years, deposes 12th November, 1819. John Rader deposes, 18th November, 1819, has known Magdalene Bowman 45 or 46 years. Jacob Surface, aged 55 years, deposes, as above, is brother of Mrs. Bowman. Frederick Smith, aged 60 years, deposes 22d January, 1817. Jacob Miller, aged 35 years, deposes 22d January, 1817. Jacob May, aged 27 years, deposes 22d January, 1817. George Miller, aged 33 years, deposes, 22d January, 1817, is full brother to one of plaintiffs. Philip Painter, aged 42 or 43 years. Felix Albert, aged 24 years. David Caldwell, aged 50 years. John Branner, aged 64 or 65 years.