Person:Edward Jackson (43)

m. est 1731
  1. James Jacksonest 1732 -
  2. Mary Jacksonest 1734 -
  3. William Jackson1736 - aft 1810
  4. Elizabeth Jacksonest 1738 - 1796
  5. Edward Jackson1741 - 1807
  6. Stephen Jacksonest 1742 -
  7. Capt. Stephen Jackson1744 - 1812
  8. Anna Jackson1746 - 1816
  9. Phebe Jacksonabt 1748 -
  10. Sergeant Benjamin Jackson1752 - 1842
  11. Daniel Jackson, Sr.1753 - 1836
  • HEdward Jackson1741 - 1807
  • WMartha Millerest 1747 - abt 1828
m. est 1763
  1. Capt. Stephen Jackson1764 - 1847
  2. Benjamin Arnold Jackson1770 - abt 1772
  3. Jacob Jackson1772 -
  4. Jemima Jackson1775 - 1828
  5. William Jackson1777 - 1857
  6. Samuel M. Jackson1783 - ABT 1821
  7. Sarah 'Sallie' Jackson1786 - 1855
  8. Lucinda "Lucy" Jackson1787 - 1853
  9. Mary (Polly) Jackson1790 - 1853
  10. Phebe Jackson1793 - 1827
Facts and Events
Name Edward Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1741 Rockaway (township), Morris, New Jersey, United States
Marriage est 1763 to Martha Miller
Death? 29 Jun 1807 Freeman's Creek, Harrison, West Virginia, United StatesFormerly Virginia
Residence? Freeman's Creek, Harrison, West Virginia, United States
Burial? Jackson Family Burial Plot, Mount Clare, Harrison, West Virginia, United States

From an 1887 Jackson Ledger found at the Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants Library:
"Born in Rockaway, NJ, he moved with Stephen, Samuel & Jemima to Fayette Co., PA; thence to Harrison Co., (W)VA. Edward and his son Stephen were both wounded at the battle of Yorktown." (Records proving their participation in this battle have not yet been found.)

"Edward is buried at the Henry Bassel or as it is now, cousin Ida Fleming's place. I have heard it said he was buried on Sycamore Creek; James H. Jackson notwithstanding the fact that his name is on a tombstone at the Fleming place.
"Little is known of Edward's education - any more than that he attended a school before leaving New Jersey and coud read and write and was good in figures.
"The Bible containing and known to contain correct data - back to the line of his grandfather is well remembered by some of his grandchildren but it seems that either Mrs. Bush or her brothers who went West fell heir to it; but most probably Mrs. Bush who nursed her mother in her last sickness."

From Gladys S. Hoffman quoting New Jersey Archives, 1st series, Vol. X, 716, Mss. May 1776: "The name of Edward Jackson is among the Signers of Article of Associates of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Pequanock, Morris County, New Jersey, pledging themselves to support the action of the Continental and Provincial Congress in defending the Constitution. This was signed by one hundred and eighty persons."

Also, "From Colonial Ancestors, pg 5: "Edward and (his son) Stephen are both buried on the home farm in the family plot about one mile south of Mount Clare, Harrison County, WV." ... "About 1768, Edward and Martha and three children, Stephen, Sarah and Jemima, left New Jersey and moved to Fayette County, PA. They went in a party composed of Edward's cousin, John Jackson with his wife and sons, George and Edward; his sister, Elizabeth Tompkins and her family; and his brother, William with his family. At New Castle, Delaware they separated. Edward and John, with their families went to PA and the others went south into Virginia." [This agrees with the HCPD Jackson Ledger.] But the date 1768 is probably wrong.

In 1776 Edward was in New Jersey, signing the Article of Associates of Freeholders and enlisted a few months later in August of 1776. In March of 1777, Edward's 6th child, William was born in New Jersey. Edward and his oldest son, Stephen were said to be wounded at the battle of Yorktown in 1781. Daughter Lucinda was born in 1787 and daughter Mary Bush was born in 1790 both in New Jersey per the 1850 Warren Co, Ohio Census. So the family probably left New Jersey sometime after 1790 and before the 1792 date on Edward's Harrison Co, VA deed. Edward's daughter Phoebe was the only child born in Harrison County. All the other children stated they were born in New Jersey.

From Don Norman's files: "About 1768, Edward and Martha and three children moved to Fayette County, PA. Edward enlisted in Captain John Willis' Company of the Second Virginia Regiment on August 13, 1776. He was transferred to Captain Marquis Colme's Company in 1777. Traditional family history states that Edward crossed the Delaware with General Washington on December 26, 1776.

"When the Second Virginia Regiment was ordered to join the Army of the Delaware, Edward's 17 year old son, Stephen enlisted. Father and son marched to Virginia where they were both wounded in the Battle of Yorktown.
"After the end of the Revolution, Edward and his family left PA and moved to Harrison County, (W)VA. Edward's name appears as grantee on Harrison County deeds dated April, 1792, & September 1806. These were probably grants for land warrants issued as compensation for Edward's military service.

Email from Todd Post, 2d Virginia Regiment, 2005: All Revolutionary War service records have been microfilmed by the National Archives, information on how to view them can be found at <>. If you cannot visit a National Archives branch, you can often get access to the microfilms through interlibrary loan.
As to your family history about crossing the Delaware, it is highly unlikely. The 2d Virginia Regiment was not sent north to join the Main Army until late January 1777, and made stops in Maryland and Philadelphia to receive equipment and uniforms along the way.
Todd Post
2d Virginia Regiment

The Will of Edward Jackson is dated May 7, 1807, and an inventory of his estate recorded June 29, 1807 names ten of his eleven children.

The 1806 deed for land was when Edward deeded 101 acres (of his 200 acres purchased in 1792 from George Arnold) to Edward's son Stephen. This transfer of property possibly was in anticipation of his declining health and death in 1807.

From Gilmer County, WV History: "After close of the war, Edward (Jackson) and his family left PA and moved to Harrison County, Virginia, where they settled on Brown's Creek in 1792."

From cited book by Oscar Burton Robbins, pg 14: "Edward died in Red Stone, Virginia. Most of his children moved to Georgia." This has proved to be an error. Edward and his family may have spent some time in Redstone, Pennsylvania for a while before moving on to Harrison County,(W)VA though no documentation of that has been located. Redstone, Pennsylvania is on the PA/WV border and just north of what was then Harrison County. "..... the original Mason-Dixon Line, as surveyed by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in 1763 to 1767..." so the line dividing PA from VA had not been established long enough to settle it in the minds of the residents. So not only was the reference to Red Stone being in Virginia wrong; also the comment that his children moved to Georgia was wrong! The Gilmer County, WV reference was correct in saying that the family settled on Brown's Creek in Harrison County, Virginia that later became West Virginia.

World Family Tree CD Vol Eleven, 1977, Tree #2005: "As to the conflicting dates as to Edward's birth, here is one explanation from Mary Jackson in Jane Lew, West Virginia. 'This is not the original monument. Years ago my father's oldest brother Goodloe Jackson bought this monument for Edward. He could have been mistaken about the dates. About forty years ago I visited this graveyard, then it was fenced. At the time I think the farm in which they were buried belonged to Henry Bassel whose grandmother was Susan Jackson, a daughter of Stephen.'" [This Henry is Henry Jr., s/o Henry Sr, s/o Susannah Jackson and Benjamin Bassel.]

There is more info on the moving of the tombstones on this Conflicting Data page. Page One of that conflicting Data section is recommended reading for discussion of the conflicts circulating about a daugter supposedly named Sarah Abigail who married Jonathan Hughes. This idea that Abigail is Edward's daughter has been disproved.

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    Edward's middle name is sometimes taken from this publication. Also his birth date is given as 1730. It appears that both these items are in error.

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