Person:David Steele (16)

David Steele
b.ABT 1679
d.bef. 18 November 1747 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HDavid SteeleABT 1679 - bef 1747
  • WJanet Unknownest 1679-1700 -
m. WFT Est 1708-1711
  1. Martha Steele1710-1712 -
  2. Isabella SteeleABT 1720 - ABT 1797
  3. Nathaniel SteeleABT 1722 - 1796
  4. Robert Steele, Sr.abt 1725 - 1800
  5. Samuel Steele1730 - bef 1795
  6. Rebecka SteeleABT 1738 -
  7. Janet SteeleABT 1738 -
  8. Thomas SteeleABT 1747 - 1803
Facts and Events
Name[1] David Steele
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1679
Marriage WFT Est 1708-1711 Prob. Irelandto Janet Unknown
Death[1] bef. 18 November 1747 Augusta County, Virginia

David Steele was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of David Steele

From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA Records:

  • Will Book 1, page 64 - - 14th September, 1747. David Steele's will - - Farmer, son Robert, plantation; wife; son, Nathaniel; daughters, Martha Teas, Isabella McCleur, 5 shillings; daughters, Rebecka, Jannet. Executors, Samuel Doak and Robert Ramsey; refused to execute. Teste: Wm. Steel, Geo. Brekenridge, Robert Alexander. Proved 18th November, 1747, by Brakenridge and Alexander.
  • Page 66.--18th November, 1747. Jannet Steel qualifies administratrix on above with sureties Wm. Henderson, David Camell.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 18, 1747. - (318) Jennet Steel, widow of David Steel, qualified Admx. James Caulton, &c., and John Mitchell appraisers.
  • NOVEMBER 26, 1747. - David Steel's appraisement by James Fulton, Charles Campbell and John Mitchell. Books. Cash due by Isaac Roads. Cash due Jno. Teas. Cash due executors of Thos. Steel, deceased. CAsh due to Thos. Johnson. Recorded 17th February, 1747-8.
  • Will Book 1, page 79 - - 18th May 1747 (prob. 1748). Nathl. Steel qualifies guardian of Rebecca Steel, orphan of David Steel, with suretles David Dryden and Moses Steel. Rebecca chose her guardian.

Records of David Steele in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List of 1742 (List of able-bodied men serving in the militia): Capt. John Christian's List: John Christian, Captain; William Christian, Lieutenant; Fran Betty, Ensign; Jhn. Holms, Josep Read, Finley McClewr, George Camble, George Caldwell, Wm. Caldwell, Alex. Thompson, Jas. Caldwell, Isaac McCulough, Jas. Armstrong, Wm. Armstrong, Thos. Henderson, Wm. Henderson, Rob Conigham, Wm. Conigham, Thos. Black, Wm. Johnston, Joh Davison, And. Cowin, Jas. Moody, Jas. Willson, Niol. Leeper, Jno. Turk, Wm. Adams, David Mitchel, Rob. Ramsey, George Breakinsed, John Mitchel, Jas. Fulton, John Fulton, John Brownlee, Chas. Camble, Jas. Camble, Will Camble, Jno. Buchanan, Nathan McClewer, Jas. Robinson, Antho Black, Will Long, Thos. Bell, Jas. Bell, Jno. Black, Wm. Robinson, Thos. Shields, And. McCord, Thos. Beans, Arth. Hamilton, And. Scott, John Maxwell, Pat. Barney, Alex. Brackinsedg, Rob. Brackinsedg, James Brackinsedg, _____ McCoulough, Jas. Miler, Rob. McClenachan, Jno. Doacke, Sam Doacke, Patt Hayes, And. Boyd, Jas. Black, Alex. Fordice, David Steel, Moses Thompson, John Thompson, And. Russell, Rand McDonel, Hug Martine, Joh Robinson, Jas. Beans, Rob. Alexander, Ths. Lewis.
  • Page 383.--17th October, 1747. Wm. Beverley to Samuel Steel, £17.14.0; 690 acres in Beverley Manor; corner to James Huston; David Steel's land; corner to Robert Alexander; corner to Patrick Hayes. Teste: Robert Alexander, Robert Ramsey, John Fulton. Proved by two Roberts, 18th November, 1747. Proved by John, 22d August, 1766.
  • Page 432.--19th November, 1747. £27 current money Virginia. George Brackenridge to Thomas Beard, 309-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; corner to James Lynn and John Tate; corner to David Steel. Teste: James Fulton, Samuel Wilson, Samuel Steel. Acknowledged by George, 18th November, 1747, and Ann releases dower.
  • Page 24.--Wm. Beverley to Nathaniel Steel, Beverley Manor; corner John Teat and Geo. Brackenridge, Jno. Lockhart and Ramsey, David Steel, James Fulton, 17th June, 1748.
  • Page 252.--18th March, 1760. Same, Baird (Thomas ( ) Beard and Margaret) to John Tate, £67.10.0, 309-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; corner James Lynn; corner David Steel. Teste: Thomas Teat.

Information on David Steele

From post:

Re: JANETTA STEELE b1768 Augusta Co., VA Posted by: Marlene Lawrence Haskin Date: August 15, 1999 at 18:58:11 In Reply to: JANETTA STEELE b1768 Augusta Co., VA by Vickie Friddle of 1699

David Steele, born abt 1700, died in Augusta Co., Va. 1747. Wife Jannet; children Isabella b ca 1720; Nathaniel b ca 1722;Samuel b ca 1724, Martha b ca 1728; Robert b ca 1730; Rebecca b ca 1738, Janneta b ca 1738; and Thomas b 1747.This taken from book THE STEELES OF STEELES TAVERN, VIRGINIA AND RELATED FAMILIES, BY MILDRED S. GOELLER. This book is in the Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Reynolds Genealogy Collection.) Marlene Marlene

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