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Daniel Donovan
b.Bef. 1774
m. 19 AUG 1794
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Donovan
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1774
Marriage 19 AUG 1794 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Woods

Daniel Donovan was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Possible Sibling

Possibly a sibling of Jeremiah Donovan, who married Elizabeth Dunbar 1794 in Augusta County, Virginia.

Records of Daniel Donovan in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 17, 1789. - (681) William Brown, orphan of James Brown, aged 9 years 1st of May next, to be bound to Daniel Donovan.
  • Vol. 1 - DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENTS. - APRIL, 1790. Augusta Sec.--Inquisition at Staunton the 19th of May, in the thirteenth year of the Commonwealth, before Joseph Bell, gent, one of the coroners. Upon the view of the body of a person unknown in a cave, discovered by Michael Grove, John Robeson, Robert Jacobs, -- dead and much consumed and upon oaths of (the jurors who sign below) -- do say that he was awhite man, and it appears to them from circumstances to be the body of a certain William R. Watson, who was an inhabitant of Staunton about November last, and that the said person has been murdered wilfully by some person or persons unknown to us. (Signed) Joseph Bell, coroner; John Griffen, foreman; Michael Garber, Samuel Merritt, William McDowell, Michael Sivert, Herman Lovingood, Owen Owens, James McLaughlin, Abraham Groves, Francis Huff, John Gorden, Henry Hauk, Robert Astrop, Hugh McDowell, Michael Cawley, James McGongal, Daniel Donavan.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1793 (M to Z). - William Blair vs. Daniel Donavin.--Writ, 20th December, 1792. I, Daniel Donavin, of Randolph County, Virginia, am bound to William Blair, Sr., of same county and State. Bond dated 18th November, 1788.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1794--August 19, Daniel Donavin and Jacob Woods, surety. Daniel Donavin and Elizabeth Woods. Affidavit of Elizabeth's full age. (Note: this record, combined with the will of Jacob's wife Mary, who named her daughter Elizabeth Donovan in her will, links Jacob Woods as the father of Elizabeth Woods that married Daniel Donavin).
  • Augusta County Virginia Deed Book 1
Page 74 - 16 February 1807, Deed for John McCausland and wife Mary to Hance Calvert
THIS INDENTURE made this sixteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and seven between John McCausland and Mary his wife, of Wythe County and State of Virginia of the one part, and Hance Calvert of the Borough of Staunton, Augusta County and State aforesaid, of the other part WITNESSETH That the said John McCausland and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and thirty pounds lawful money of Virginia, to them in hand paid by the said Hance Calvert, the receipt of which they do hereby acknowledge, have bargained and sold unto the said Hance Calvert and his heirs one certain lot or parcel of ground in the Borough of Staunton and County aforesaid, Containing thirty-four poles, being part of Lots #53 and #54, which were originally conveyed to Owen Owens and Jenny, his wife by Alexander St Clair and Robert Gamble, trustees of the said County, and by the said Owen Owens and Jenny, his wife, unto Daniel Donovan, and by the said Daniel Donovan and Elizabeth his wife, unto Samuel Merritt and Catherine, his wife, unto Robert Bailey and lastly by the said Robert Bailey and Elizabeth, his wife, unto the aforesaid John McCausland; and is bounded as follows VIZ: Beginning at the corner of the Lot #57 at Market Street and running with the said street two and one half poles then crossing said lots by a right line fourteen poles to the line of the Lot #55, then with the same two and one half poles to the northeast corner of Lot #58, then with the line of the Lots #58 and #57 fourteen poles to the BEGINNING being in that part of the Borough of Staunton which was conveyed by William Beverly, Esquire to the Justices of said county and their successors to have and to hold, together with all its appurtenances. The party of the first part conveys the thirty-five poles, part of the said lots of land, with all its appurtenances, to the said Hance Calvert and his heirs to the sole use and behalf of him the said Hance Calvert and his heirs forever, and the said John McCausland and Mary, his wife, for themselves and their heirs doth covenant............
John McCausland his signature and seal
Mary McCausland, February 16, 1807
TESTE: Vincent Taff, C.C.S.
  • Page 23.--26th May, 1814. Mary Woods' will--To son, John; son, William; daughter, Elizabeth Donovan; daughter, Mary Brown; son, Joseph; grandadaughter, Jemima Woods, daughter to son Joseph; grandson, Jacob, son to son Joseph. Executors, Isaac Jones and Wm. Sillings. (Note: Mary Woods was the mother-in-law of Daniel Donovan).

Other Donovan records in Augusta County

  • Vol. 2 - Rockingham County Records - 1783--April 29th, Ezekiel, Reuben, and Josiah Harrison going to Georgia same order as to Gawin Hamilton. Samuel Harrison granted certificate of good character and Wiggish principles. Captain Thomas Hewit appointed guardian to Mary, orphan of John Cloverfield. Jeremiah, son of Wm. Haney, to be bound. Margaret, daughter of Wm. Haney, to be bound. William Donnophon proves he lost a smooth-bore gun in serving a tour of duty under Colonel Naul at Stoner's Mill, near Portsmouth, in 1781. Cornelius Cain appointed Captain vice Wm. Herring. Ulrick Gorton appointed Lieutenant in Captain Wm. Herring's Company. Michael Mullen appointed Ensign in Captain Wm. Herring's,Company. Richard Custard appointed Captain vice Michael Baker, and former order appointing John Riddle is reversed. Noah Humble appointed Ensign in Custard's Company. Jno. Hopkins appointed Ensign in Captain George Baxter's Company. Court of Claims.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage in Augusta County - 1787, --By Rev. Wm. Wilson: April 30th, Denis Donovan and Betty Cofney. (Note: possible brother?).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1790--September 29, Jeremiah Donovan and Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of Francis Dunbar (consent); witnesses, William Dunbar, Leroy Newman. (Note: possible brother?).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage in Augusta County - 1790; By Rev. Archd. Scott: October 16th, Jeremiah Donovan and Elizabeth Dunbar.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1793 (A to L). - William Knowls and wife, Mary (Donavan).--14th February, 1792. (Note: possible sibling?).