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Charles Rush
m. bef. 1752
  1. Mary Elizabeth Rush1752 - 1831
  2. John Rushabt 1753 - 1835
  3. George Rushabt 1755 - 1831
  4. Maria 'Elizabeth Betsy' Rushabt 1760 - bef 1785
  5. Peter Rush1764 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name Charles Rush
Alt Name Charles 'Carl' Rush
Alt Name Johann Karl Risch
Gender Male
Birth? 16 July 1725 Idar, Reinland-Pfalz, Germany
Marriage bef. 1752 to Mary Elizabeth Suess
Death? 1806 Rockingham County, Virginia

Charles Rush was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 20.--13th May, 1758. Peter Hull and Susanna ( ) to Charles Rush, £32, 210 acres, part of larger tract purchased by Peter from Francisco; corner to Trout's land, on Cub Run, line of Pence's land. Some witnesses as above. Delivered: Charles Rush, February, 1765.
  • Page 828.--8th February, 1765. Valentine Metcher (Matcher) to Ludwick Francisco and Charles Rush, mortgage, £25, 275 acres on a branch of North River of Shanandoe, purchased by Valentine from Peter Miller; corner David Logan's land. Delivered: Charles Rush, May, 1766.
  • Charles Rush received a patent on 1 August, 1772, as listed in the disposition below. The location of this land is not listed, although it is likely on the North Branch of the Shenandoah River (more research needed).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 250.--18th May, 1773. Charles Rush and Marchius, his wife, to Philip Ermantrout. Patent to Charles, 1st August, 1772. corner John Davis, deceased. Delivered: George Harmon, 5th March, 1776.

Processioning List of 1767/68

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Page 448.--1767-68: Processioned by Augustine Price and Frederick Armontrout, viz: For Peter Teasler, for Peter Seller, for Michael Shurle, for John Coutts, for Jacob Man, for John Man, for Jacob Herman, tor Henry Long for George Mellow, for Anthony Aeiler, for Jacob Nicholas, for John Hetrick, for Henry Seller, for Alveness Roy(g)ers, for Christopher Deter for George Man, for Peter Miller, for George Miller, for George Fridle, for Peter Herman, Jr.; for Augustine Price, Anthony Aeiler present; for Jacob Arcebright, for Adam Heterick, for Adam Pens, for Jacob Miller, for James Fraiser, for Thomas Burke, for Peachey Gilmore for Charles Rush, for Fredk. Armentrout, for David Fraizer, for Jno. Craige.

Records of Charles Rush in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 283.--15th November, 1758. Barbara Wingord's bond (with Chas. Rush, Jacob Parsinger) as administratrix of John Wingord.
  • Page 640.--9th June, 1764. Peter Hull and Susanna to Jacob Passenger, £60, receipt whereof, &c., and discharge the said George Lewis Hockheimer, 240 acres in southwest side of Cub Run, a branch of Shanandoe; corner Charles Rusk's land, line of Curby's land; corner Patrick Wilson; corner Pouley's land, line of Russell's land, part of tract patented to Jacob Stover and conveyed to Christophell Francisco, the elder, and by him to Peter Hull. Delivered: Nicholas Mildebarger, March, 1769.
  • Page 215.-- 20th February, 1767. David ( ) Rule, £7.9.8 by Charles Rush, £3.9.1 by Henry Tack, £3.4.2 by Mathias Corse. Bill of sale to above parties, conditioned to pay the several persons the several sums.
  • Page 267.--14th March, 1769. Jacob ( ) Parsinger and Cathrine ( ) to Nicholas Millberry, £70, 240 acres on Cub Run of Shanando, Charles Rush's line; Courtz's line; corner Patrick Wilson; corner Pound's land, part of Stevens' patent conveyed to Christophel Francisco and to Peter Hull, and to Jacob Parsenger. Delivered: Peter Rush, 20th August, 1787.
  • Page 293.--16th March, 1770. Nicholas Null's estate sold at vendue--To Abram Wright, Augustine Price, Henry Null, Honekil Hoofman, Paushton Ostler, Gill Price, Ponshton Hostler, John Ferrel (Terril), Hauverstine Price, Patrick Dickson, George Null, William McBush, Peter Brinninger, Windle Weaver, Francis Kirtley, Wm. Munger, Alvenious Bowyer, Samuel Muncey, Peter Bunginger, Thos. Birk, Philip Williams, Henry Bingaman. Cash from Charles Fry, John Couch. By Windle Sivers' bond, from Archibald Hughston. By Charles Rush's note, Nicholas Shirley.
  • Page 347.--20th November, 1770. Charles Rush's bond (with Daniel Sink, Peter Miller) as administrator of Nicholas Hoffman.
  • Page 447.--19th November, 1771. Charles Rush's bond (with Jacob Nicholas) as administrator of Lodwick Fridley.
  • Page 533.--18th August, 1772. Ditto (Settlement of estate) of John Nicholas Hophman by Charles Rush. Paid Michael Shally, Catrine Lumenberger.
  • Page 52.--8th February, 1773. Elizabeth Stalsnaker relinquishes her right to administer on her husband's estate and nominates Charles Rush.
  • Page 52.--16th March, 1773. Charles Rush's bond (with Daniel Price, Danl. Sink) as administrator of Henry Stalsnaker.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1773. - (6) Charles Rush qualifies admr. of Henry Strutsenocker.
  • Page 100.--19th May, 1773. Charles Rush in account with the estate of Loudawick Fredley--Paid John Barselinsmayer.
  • Page 254.--16th August, 1774. Charles Rush, administrator, settles the estate of Henry Stalsnaker--Paid to the widow, Catharine Pence; paid David Bosang, Michael Milterbarger.
  • Page 351.--5th June, 1774. Elizabeth Armentrout's will, widow--To son, Philip; to children living, being six in number; to grandsons, Henry Armentrout and John Armentrout, sons of her son John, deceased. Executors, son Phillip and friend, Charles Rush. Son Henry Armentrout and Frederick Harris are indebted to her. Teste: Gabriel Jones, John Rush, and (a German). Proved, 20th June, 1775, by Jones and Rush. Charles Rush refuses to execute. Philip qualifies (bond signed Elizabeth Arnentrout) with Valentine Cloninger, Frederick Armentrout.
  • Page 35.--2d May, 1778. John Coutts' estate in Rockingham County appraised by Jacob Nicholas, Chas. Rush, John Rush.


Chalkley's Chronicles, Augusta County, VA
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