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Catherine Walke
b.1716 Germany
m. 1715
  1. Catherine Walke1716 - aft 1743
m. abt 1734
  1. Mary WilhoitABT 1735 - 1795
  2. Conrad Reuben Wilhite1737 - 1808
Facts and Events
Name Catherine Walke
Gender Female
Alt Birth? 1712 Schwaigern, Wurttemberg, Germany
Birth? 1716 Germany
Marriage abt 1734 Orange County, Virginiato Tobias Wilhoit
Alt Marriage 1734 Spotslyvania, Orange County, Virginiato Tobias Wilhoit
Death? aft 1743 Orange, Virginia, United States

Name: Catherine WALKE Surname: Walke Given Name: Catherine Sex: F Birth: ABT 1716 in Schwaigern, Wurtenburg Ger. Death: in , Orange, Va. _UID: 517B2F907B41D511BD9EBDC3D7961731BD95 Note: We've kicked this around before and yes it is certainly advisable to keep her name as blank. Elke has shown she could NOT have been a Walke. I have very circumstantial evidence (not proof) she was a daughter of Conrad Amberger.--Craig Kilby I certainly agree that there is no proof of Tobias Wilheit's wife being Walk/Walck. I have no idea where such information originated. It may be due to Tobais and Martin Walck acquiring land together. If one could find a Catharine Walck in the area, then, such could be possible. There are many villages left in the Kraichgau to explore as far as church records are concerned. I am reading as time and energy permit those church records surrounding Flinsbach. So far, after reading about 20 villages, I have found nothing to indicate a Catharine Walck. Other than one cousin of the Martin Walck b. in Flinsbach, the only Walcks I have found in the area of Northeast Kraichgau are the ones in Flinsbach.But folks, keep looking in the church records of the area. Maybe someday, someone will find something.CaryThis message contains what I believe to be the origins to speculation of aCatharine Walk being the wife of Tobias Wilhite. I really hesitate to putall this out there, but I take the risk that it doesn't get picked up by oneof the professional gleaners of names that later show up in electronicdevices devoted to "genealogy". I know that those of the Germanna listunderstand it is merely speculation and no documents have yet been found tosubstantiate or suggest one iota of the speculation is true.CaryJohn Blankenship wrote sometime ago in Note # 2159 the following:Please note the second paragraph that begins with "Probably".I have examined whether the children and grandchildren of Johann MichaelWillheit and his wife Anna Maria Hengsteler had a presence in the GermanLutheran Church ("Hebron") Records, particularly the baptismal records, inthe period 1750 to 1800. There were six children, Tobias, Johannes, Adam,Matthias, Eva, and Phillip (ordered in increasing date of birth).Probably, Tobias married Catherine Walke and they had five children, perhapsten (read later comments). Only two of these five are in the Church Records(i.e., Baptismal Records). They are Conrad, who married Elizabeth Broyles,and Mary, who married Zirikias Broyles. Of the other three, Michael marriedMary ____, Jesse married Mildred ____, and William married ElizabethShirley. Perhaps these partners were not Lutherans, which might account fortheir absence."End of quote from JB. NOTE the "Probably" again.I have dug through some of my files. I received a letter from Jim Willhiteof Salem, OR. in 1991. He Had the marriage of Catherine Walke or Vallckabout 1734, Orange (> 1748 Culpeper, now Madison) Co, VA. His source was anO.K. Greenwood. He also has Martin Walke, Sr., b. c 1680 (?) and attributedto O.K. Greenwood.Martin Walke, is footnoted as a son of Hans Martin Wallick, SR., andreferenced "James A. Wilhite.Jim used "my speculations" in his letter, but not on the Wilhite FamilyGenealogy Group Sheets and Notes. This information has made the rounds anumber of times. James' letter was omitted that contained his sentenceabout "my speculations" and the many ? he inserted in the FGS was omitted inseveral I have received.Jim quoted from the Yager Genealogy "possibly 2 male Walkes"; thus creatingHans Martin Walck, born c 1680 and Martin Walke, JR., born c 1710.There was lots of reasoning based on the knowledge published prior to 1990,that the father-on item might have been possible.A.L. Keith even had "Martin Walke or his son, Martin, was living in RowanCo., N.C., in 1782 (Keith, p. 181)Jim Wilhite, has a note on his original FGS:"There remains a question on the surname routinely given for Tobias's wifeCatherine. It would appear that there may have been 2 Catherine Walkes and2 Martin Walkes, not improbable in a society that routinely name there [sic]children after parents and other family members. Based on the evidence thatis now available, I have chosen to show Catherine as the daughter of MartinWalke while the Walke connection continues to be researched."Jim continues:"Cerny, a professional Genealogist, in her "Before Germanna" publications,quotes the Will of Martin Walke in Culpeper Co., VA, identifies his daughterCatherine as a Wilhite. I have not found a copy of the Will or an abstractto substantiate or refute this -- Jim Wilhite."End of Jim's material.Cary writing the rest:I have high regard and respect for Cerny. If she wrote about a will, she sawsomething on which she based her statement regarding a Walk will in CulpeperCo. What the something is, no one yet has been able to locate that I knowof.Jim Wilhite never did commit to belief or unbelief re a Catharine Walkavailable to be the wife of Tobias Wilhite. He presented what others hadput into print, but he also used lots of (?).Jim, if you are out there, I'd love to hear from you.CarySpotsylvania county was formed in 1721, encompassing all of the Robinson River Valley. In 1734 Orange county was formed out of Spotsylvania, still encompassing all of the Robinson River Valley. In 1749 Culpeper County was formed out of Orange, and still encompassed all of the Robinson River Valley. In 1792 Madison County was formed out of Culpeper and still encompassed all of the Robinson River Valley. That valley is still today in Madison County.The old Dutch Church (Hebron) has existed in Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper and Madison counties in its history. However, it is still in or very near its original location. Likewise, Tobias lived in Essex county first, then he moved to the Robinson River Valley in Spotsylvania County which became Orange, which became Culpeper and finally Madison after his 1762 death. He only moved the one time.Again he could not have been married in Culpeper County in 1734 as that county did not exist.The name Walke for the surname of the wife of Tobias is only speculation at best, as there has been no record produced or found that gives the exact date of their marriage or the maiden name of the bride. As a historian and amateur genealogist we can only say "we think" she "may" have been a Walke. But honesty and historical accuracy demands proof and until that time we just can't say.Secondly, we can not say with any surety that they were married in 1734. This date is also speculation based on the birth of their first child in 1735. We can only say that they were married about 1734 with any truth.Thom she married Johann Peter Frey in N.C. according to Elka Hall, not Tobias Wilhoit. Jean Walk Bowles says this marriage is correct and that Tobias is found with Martin Walk in the Germanna Colony.

Frances, I am not related to the Wilheits, my husband is a descendant ofHans Martin Walk. Tobias Wilheit was born on July 15, 1708 in Schwaigern, his will was provenon May 20, 1762 in Culpeper Co., VA (Culpeper County Will Book A,pp.282-283) He did mention a wife Catherine, but there is no mention of herbeing a Walk. I believe that Hans Martin Walk and Tobias Wilheit owned land together wasdue to their family relationship. Tobias' sister-in-law war Walburga Weaver(Weber), first cousin of Hans Martin Walk's wife Catherine Clore. Walburgawas married to Tobias' brother Johann Christian Wilheit. Walk sold his 200acres to Michael Yaeger, he was related to the Clores and Wilheits throughhis brother John Yaeger, who had married Mary Wilheit. Mary's mother wasSusanna Clore Weaver's daughter Walburga. His sister Barbara married PeterClore, brother of Martin Walk's wife Catherine Clore. Pretty confusing, and just my opinion on why it was believed that there issome kind of relationship between Tobias Wilheit and Hans Martin Walk. Butwho knows, maybe we will indeed find that Walk had a sister named Catherine.Cary and I are certainly searching for her. Elke PS: My father was not a lawyer, he was an officer in the German Army anddied in battle 6 weeks before WWII ended in 1945. I am not a believer inwar, too many little girls have to grow up without a father! And 50 yearslater, no one remembers why they died in the first place. -----Original Message-----From: kiwiskeeper [1] Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 3:58 PMTo: Subject: Re: [GERMANNA] Re:Sonner and Fleshman familiesJohann Michael Wilhite left Germany in 1717. Tobias was born in Germany andhe was born in 1713. Tobias died in Culpepper, Va in 1762.He left a will andwas married to Catherine Walke but didn't give a date of their marriage.Their children were, Michael, Conrad (my gr. grandfather) William andMary. I think I noticed Elke had a father who taught law. We have severalWilhite lawyers. Frances Change Date: 2 Jul 2010 at 11:52:30

Marriage 1 Tobias WILHOIT b: 15 Jul 1707 in Schwaigern, Wurtenburg Ger. Married: ABT 1734 in , Orange, Va. Children Johann Michael WILHOIT b: ABT 1735 Conrad Reuben WILHOIT b: ABT 1737 in , Orange, Va. Catherine WILHOIT b: ABT 1738 in Schwaigern,Wurtenburg,Ger. Jesse WILHOIT b: 1739 in ,Madison,Va. Mary WILHOIT b: ABT 1742 William Mason WILHOIT b: ABT 1742 Joel WILHOIT b: 1743 John WILHOIT b: 1745 in Lewis WILHOIT b: ABT 1747 Tobias WILHOIT b: ABT 1748 in

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