Person:Catherine Johnson (39)

Catherine Johnson
  1. John Johnson
  2. Polly Johnson
  3. Bailey Johnson1780-1790 - 1843
  4. Charles Johnson1780-1782 -
  5. Catherine JohnsonAbt 1782 - 1847
  6. Margaret JohnsonAbt 1786 - 1863
  7. George H. JohnsonABT 1787 - 1856
  8. Elizabeth Johnson1790-1794 - Aft 1839
  9. Nancy Johnson1791 - 1839
  10. William JohnsonABT 1805 - 1854-1857
m. 25 MAR 1819
  1. Charles J. Roe1820 - 1890
  2. Joseph Roe1831 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Catherine Johnson
Gender Female
Birth[3] Abt 1782 Kentucky, United States
Marriage 25 MAR 1819 Clark, Indiana, United Statesto Jacob Dunning Roe
Census[2] 1820 Clark, Indiana, United StatesWashington Township
Residence[3] 1827 Shelby, Indiana, United StatesHendricks
Baptism[4] 1838 Johnson, Indiana, United States2nd Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Census[5] 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United States
Residence[3] 1845 Clark, Indiana, United States
Death[3] Apr 1847 Clark, Johnson, Indiana, United Statesnear New Washington
Vital Records

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    1820 US Census, Indiana, Clark County, Washington Township
    Jacob D. Roe, 1 m>10 [Charles], 1 m 26-45 [Jacob], 1 f 26-45 [Catherine], 1 person employed in commerce
    next line: Benjamin Reas

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    Jacob D. and Catharine (Johnson) Roe, who were natives of New York and Kentucky, . . . . came to Shelby county in 1827, and settled in Hendricks township, where they lived about three years. [They] moved to Fountain county, living there four years, then returning to Hendricks Township, [Shelby County]. [They moved to Clark County, Indiana] about 1845, where they both, within four days of each other in April, 1847, died, near New Washington.

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    July 11, 1835, Church Covenant - Founding members: Joseph Reece, John Webb, Nancy Webb, Samuel Tetrich Benjamin Reece, Sarah Reece, Henry Willard, Mary Kellery
    Members include Jacob D. Roe, by Experience 13 October 1838, Excluded 14 August 1841; Catherine Roe by Experience 13 October 1838, died

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