Person:Benjamin Robinson (18)

Benjamin Robinson
d.bef. 5 April 1791 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
m. 30 December 1742
  1. Elizabeth 'Betty Robinson1745 - aft 1823
  2. Henry Robinson1747 - 1770
  3. Mary Robinson1750 - abt 1800
  4. William Robinson1750 -
  5. Michael Robinson, Jr.1753 - 1800
  6. John Robinson1755 -
  7. Thomas Robinson1760 -
  8. Benjamin Robinson1762 - bef 1791
  9. Betty Robinson1764 -
  10. James Robinson1770 -
m. 31 October 1783
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Robinson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 6 April 1762 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Marriage 31 October 1783 Fauquier County, Virginiato Margaret Bruce James
Death[1] bef. 5 April 1791 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Vital Records

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Estate Records

£10,000 Margaret B. Robinson, admx. of Benjamin Robinson, deed.[sic, s'b dec'd], with James Marye, Michael Robinson and John Robinson, sec. April 5, 1791.

Record in Spotsylvania County, VA

Septr. 27, 1787. John Robinson and Benjamin Robinson, sons of Michael Robinson, late of Spots. Co., deed. [prob. dec'd], to their sister Mary, wife of Thos. Magee of Spots. Co. Whereas, sd. Michael Robinson in and by his last will and testament dated Jany. 6, 1704 [sic, s/b 1784], among other things mentioned his delivering to Richd. Young a land warrant for 15,246 a. to locate, etc., and desired the same should be divided and disposed of to his children and grandchildren, therein specially devised to some 1000, and to others 500 a. each, amounting to abt. 6000 a., the remainder of the warrant being abt. 9246 a. he devised in fee simple to sd. John and Benjamin, and whereas, Thomas Magee of same co. of Spots, having intermarried with Mary, dau, of the sd. testator and sister of the sd. John and Benjamin," and they knowing well that it was the full intent and desire of the sd. Michael, their father, to devise as well to his son-in-law, Thos. Magee, 1000 a. of the aforesaid tract, etc., in consequence of which the sd. John and Benjamin convey to the sd. Thos. Magee, 1000 a., a part of the sd. tract when surveyed and laid off, etc., etc. Witnesses, Henry Pemberton, Jas Smock, Thomas Pritchett. Novr. 6, 1787.
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