Person:Arthur Connely (2)

Arthur Connely, Sr.
b.1730 Ireland
d.bef. 25 March 1805 Augusta County, Virginia
  • F.  Connely (add)
m. bef. 1730
  1. Arthur Connely, Sr.1730 - bef 1805
  2. Thomas Connely1740 - 1794
  3. Mary Connelybef 1742 -
m. BEF 1756
  1. Arthur Connely1756 - 1813
  2. Robert Connely1760-1777 - ABT 1790
  3. James Connely1761 -
  4. Thomas ConnelyBEF 1763 - BET 1775 AND 1781
  5. Sarah Connely1768 - 1842
  6. John Connely1770 - 1830
  7. Mary ConnelyBEF 1771 - 1841
  8. David ConnelyBEF 1779 - 1827
  9. Jane 'Jean' ConnelyBEF 1787 -
Facts and Events
Name Arthur Connely, Sr.
Alt Name[1] Arthur Connaly, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1730 Ireland
Marriage BEF 1756 to Jane 'Jean' Unknown
Death[1] bef. 25 March 1805 Augusta County, Virginia
Burial[1] 1805 Stone Church Cemetery, Ft. Defiance, Augusta County, Virginia

Arthur Connely was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 195 - Arthur Connely, 530 acres, branch of Middle River. Adjoining John Campbell, George Crawford, Samuel Henderson, Patrick Crawford, Colman, William Johnston. January 9, 1772. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 70].
  • Page 274.--Delivered: Arthur Connerly, 9th May, 1773, 35 acres, part of 230 acres patented to William Johnston, 12th May, 1770. (Note: William Johnston was the probable brother-in-law of Arthur Connely).
  • Page 309.--18th May, 1773. Alexander Walker and Elizabeth ( ) to Arthur Connly, part of 430 acres patented by inclusive patent to said Alexander, 6th April, 1769.

Will of Arthur Connely

  • Page 3.--12th September, 1804. Arthur Connely's will---To wife Jean; son, Arthur, land on Eagle Creek in Kentucky; to son, James; sons, John and David, daughter, Jean, daughter, Mary; son, Robert; daughter, Sarah; to grandson, Arthur Williams. Executors, sons John and David. Teste: Wm. Johnston, Alex. Carns, Thos. Connely. Proved, 25th March, 1805. Executors qualify.

Records of Arthur Connely in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 357.--21st November, 1770. Alexander Robertson's appraisement (by John McMahon, Robt. Stevenson, James Allen, Arthur Conoley).
  • Page 106.--268 acres patented to Barbara Smith 1st March, 1773. Teste: George Hooke, Arthur Connely, Thos. Bleakely.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1773 - (98) Road surveyors: James Magill; Frederick Keister and Michael Welfong, vice Mark Swadley; Robert Campbell, vice Arthur Connelly.
  • Page 326.--20th November, 1774. Alexander Walkers will--To wife, Elizabeth; to son, Robert, negro boy, to daughter, Mary, negro girl; to son, Andrew, 90 acres bought of Joseph Lindel; to daughter Martha, to daughter, Elizabeth; to daughter, Barbara; to son, John, testator's home plantation; to daughter, Isabell. (Many negro slaves bequeathed. daughter Margaret; to son, Alexander's two children, Jane and Elizabeth Walker. Executors, wife Elizabeth and son Robert. John Campbell be guardian to children. Teste: Joseph Hannah, Robert Haslet, Thos. Connly. Proved, 21st March, 1775, by the witnesses. Executors qualify with John Hind, Arthur Connaly, John Campbell.
  • Page 22.--19th May, 1778. Andrew Walker's appraisement recorded Thomas Frame, Arthur Connty, John Campbell.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 17, 1779. - (45) Arthur Connoly, vice Thomas Frame, appointed Constable.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1784 (A). - William Johnstone and Mary Johnstone, his wife, vs. Arthur Connely and Leon (Jean) his wife.--Case writ, 16th July, 1782.
  • Page 435.--16th November, 1784. Recorded. John McMahon's appraisement by William Johnston, Arthur Connly, Jno. Campbell, Hugh Donaghe.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1793. - Henry King vs. Arthur Connelly and Jane, his wife.--Writ, 14th September, 1792. Mary Kirland is about to move out of the State, 1793. Mary is seventeen years old 29th June, 1793. Mary's sister was Jane, wife of William Johnston.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1794. - Jane Connolly, by John Coalter, her next friend, vs. Arthur Connolly.-- Chancery. 11th December, 1792. Divorce.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1797 (N to W). - Isabella and Barbara Walker, infants, by Hugh Donaghe, their guardian, vs. Elizabeth and Robert Walker, Arthur Connolly and John Campbell.-- Alex. Walker, father of oratrixes, and husband of Elizabeth, and father (?) of Robert, died, 1774, with will. Bill for accounting. Elizabeth Walker's answer, sworn to 10th December, 1790. Spa. in chancery, 2d June, 1787. This suit contains settlement of the estate, with all the heirs, giving names.

Information on Arthur Connely

From post:

The following was taken from the book "Virginia Valley Records" by John W. Wayland.


JOHN WALKER Sr. of AUGUSTA Co. VIRGINIA married Miss Sarah CONNELLY of Augusta Co. Va. The Walker and Connelly families immigrated to America about the middle of the 17th century [Lin: sic - later it says they landed in 1720]. They were Scotch-Irish Protestants, and in church connection Presbyterians. Alexander (Arthur) Connelly had four sons and one daughter, named Arthur, Alexander, Samuel, Williamson and Sarah Connelly.

Arthur Connelly was killed by Indians to procure his rifle, which he had refused to sell to them.

Alexander Connelly rode under a tree for shelter in a thunder storm. Lightning struck the tree, killing man and horse.

Samuel Connelly moved to KENTUCKY, married and raised a family.

Williamson Connelly went to MISSISSIPPI and engaged in surveying land for the government. He never married that his relatives knew of. Those Connellys were back to Virginia to visit relatives, the writer recollects them, about the year 1834. The writer also recollects seeing his old great-grandmother Connelly when she was nearly 90 years old, and living in her daughter's family.

2. Arthur CONNELY, b _____ 1730, _____, Ireland (now N Ireland), d _____ 1804, Augusta Co VA, bur Old Stone Cem, Ft Defiance VA, m ca 1755, __________, to a daughter of ____ ________ & ____ (____) ________, namely, Jean (or Jane) ________, b ca 1734, __________, d ca 1830, __________, bur ________:

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    Arthur Connaly, Sr
    Birth: 1730
    Death: 1805

    Taken from Inscriptions from Augusta Stone Church (oldest cemetery), Ft. Defiance, Augusta Co., Virginia, by Mrs. C. F. Rudolph, Washington, DC., 1953.

    Revolutionary Soldier, buried in oldest cemetery. Stone lost.