Person:Archibald Stuart (1)

m. bef. 1697
  1. Archibald Stuart1697 - 1761
  2. Andrew Stuart1703-1720 -
  3. John Stuart, TailorABT 1708 - ABT 1782
  4. Col. David Stuart1710 - bef 1767
  • HArchibald Stuart1697 - 1761
  • WJanet Brownabt 1703 - ABT 1761
m. Abt. 1720
  1. Eleanor Stuart1722-1727 - 1802
  2. Thomas Stuart, I1722 - bef 1789
  3. Maj. Alexander StuartABT 1735 - 1822
  4. Benjamin Stuart1737 - 1808
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Stuart
Gender Male
Birth[1][4] 1697 County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Marriage Abt. 1720 prob. Irelandto Janet Brown
Immigration? abt 1725 left England promoting an armed insurrection to defend religious rights Citation needed
Immigration[2][4] abt 1725 Pennsylvania, United Statesleft Ireland, "fleeing from religious persecution, with a price on his head"
Other[4] 1738 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesafter being relieved by a general amnesty, he sent for his family and came with them to Augusta
Will[3] 5 Sep 1759 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Death? 1761 Waynesboro, Virginia, United States
Probate[3] 17 Nov 1761 Augusta, Virginia, United States

Archibald Stuart was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Archibald Stuart's land (Beverley Manor SE, 500 acres, 1751) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 53.--26th November, 1751. Beverley (William Beverley) by Lewis and Madison to Archibald Stuart, 500 acres in Beverley Manor; corner James Campbel; Widow Edmiston's line. (Note: Andrew Lewis and John Madison were given "power of attorney" by William Beverley to convey certain tracts to early settlers on Beverley's lands)

Processioning List of 1755

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 152.-- (1755) - Jno. Finley, Wm. Thompson processioned in Cap. Thompson's Company as follows, viz: For Samuel McCune, for Wm. Logan, for Wm. Johnston, for Widow Thompson, for Thos. Thompson; Widow Frazer, present Robert Modey; for Rob. Moody; for Andw. McClure, present Jno. Hutchison; for Jno. Hutchison; for Hugh McClure, for Richard Pilson, for Zechoriah Smith, for Widow Sayre, for Andw. McClure, for John Campbell, for John Black, for Archd. Stewart, for Rob. Finley, for Alex. Henderson, for Wm. Patterson, for Jno. McClure, for George Caldwell, for John Thompson, for Wm. Palmer, for James Gillespey, for James Hamilton, for Saml. Steele, for James McClure, for Widow Campbell, for Robert Patrick, for John Ramsey, for Wm. Finley, for John Finley, for David Henderson, for Isaac White, for Adam Morow, for Alex. Thompson, for Wm. Thompson, for Wm. Caldwell.

Records of Archibald Stuart in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • AUGUST 17, 1748. - (50) David Edmiston appd. overseer of road from Tinkling Spring to Stuart and Christian's Road, with these: James and John Campbell, Archibald Stuart, Chas. Dallis, James Hamilton, Richard Pilsher, David Henderson, George Vance, Robt. McCutchin, Saml. McCune, Robert Moody, John Frazier, John Thomson, Wm. Johnson, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson and Samuel Farguson.
  • NOVEMBER 15, 1752. - (361) Samuel Givins, Robert Patrick, to view, and Ro. Patrick, Wm. Hines, John Hawes, Joseph Bell, Wm. Bell, Wm. Finla, Archd. Stewart, Richd. Pilson, Wm. Johnston, Ro. Wilson, John Hind, Geo. Skilleron, Hugh Ross, Andr. Baskin, John Givins, Saml. Henderson, John Ramsey, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson, Nathl. Woodroof, David Logan and George Duglass, clear and keep in repair, a road from James Givin's Mill to the road over Wood's New Gap at foot of mountain.
  • Page 41.--22d April, 1754. James Cainpbell's appraisement, by John Finley, Archd. Stewart, Thos. Stewart, Wm. Finley.
  • Page 415.--27th April, 1754. Charles Dalhouse's will (the paper is first a power of attorney to Archd. and Thos. Stewart and Edward Hall to make all demands for him and answer all against him in any of His Majesty's Dominions, and second, a will)--Three sons, George, James and John, to be educated. Executors, attorneys above. Teste: Hugh McClure, Benj. Stewart. Proved, 18th November, 1760, by the witnesses. Archd. Stewart refuses to execute; the others qualify, with Alex. Kelly, Benj. Stewart.
  • APRIL 29, 1756. - (108) Claims, propositions and grievances: James Beard, claim for ranging; John McClenachan, claim for going express; Robert Bratton, claim for ranging; George Wilson, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Abraham Smith, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Israel Christian, claim for ranging and provisions; Joseph Kenaday, claim for ranging; Patrick Lowrey, claim for ranging; George Campbell, claim for ranging; John Dickinson, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; James Dunlop, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Archd. Stuart, claim for ranging; John Campbell, claim for ranging.
  • AUGUST 16, 1759. - (290) Archibald Stuart, with his son; Robert Cunningham, Patrick McCallom, with his son, and Daniel Kidd, added to tithables.

Will of Archibald Stuart

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 87.--5th September, 1759. Archibald Stewart's will--Wife, Janet; son, Thomas, his Great Bible; daughter, Eleanor, 5 shillings; son, Alexander, tract adjoining Andw. McClure's land; grandson, Archibald Stewart, £10 when aged 10 years; son, Benj. Stewart. Executors, Thos. Stewart, Edward Hall. Teste: Jno. and Andw. Campbell, Jno. Finley. Proved, 17th November, 1761, by Jno. and Andrew Campbell. Executors qualified, with Jno. Campbell. Andrew Campbell.
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  2. Archibald Stuart, in Edson, George Thomas. Stewart clan magazine : genealogical records of Stewart--Stuart families. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1975-1977), Vol. VIII, No. 1, July, 1929, Secondary quality.


    Mrs. Margaret Scruggs Carruth, 3715 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas, Texas, B: 100. has pursued an extensive research of records of the Stuarts of Augusta county, Virginia, and has perhaps the most nearly complete and authoritative collection of data on these families of any person. She finds that some persons, with conclusions unsupported by proof, have put forward genealogies of these families which she regards as very misleading and harmful. Mrs. Carruth has prepared the following sketch, based on the histories of Waddell, Egle, Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart. Rev. Robert Stuart, White, Peyton, Chalkley and others.

    Archibald Stuart, who married Janet Brown,—B: 157; Andrew Stuart, who married Mary Dinwiddie, —6:77; John Stuart, who married Elizabeth Archer, —B: 139, and David Stuart, who married Margaret Jane Lynn, widow of John Paul (or Pall), —B: ij8, were brothers and came to Pennsylvania from the north of Ireland.

    Archibald preceded his brothers by some 6 or 7 years, fleeing from religious persecution, with a price on his head. Andrew and Mary (Dinwiddie) Stuart settled in old Paxtang, Pa. Archibald and Janet (Brown) Stuart went down into the valley of Virginia and settled in Augusta county. There they were joined by John and Elizabeth (Archer) Stuart, who settled on Borden's Tract. ...

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    ...Three other early settlers named Stuart—Archibald, David, and John—are believed to have been brothers, and of these and their descendants we have the following information:

    ARCHIBALD STUART, a native of Ireland, having been engaged in some disturbance in his native country, fled to America, leaving his family behind. After living in Pennsylvania for some time, he was relieved by a general amnesty, and sending for his family came with them to Augusta in 1738. His wife was Janet Brown, a sister of the Rev. John Brown, of New Providence. He died in 1759. His children were three sons, Thomas, Alexander and Benjamin, and a daughter, Eleanor. ...