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Archibald Henderson
d.Bet. Feb - 15 May 1781 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 23 JUN 1738
  1. Mary Hendersonabt 1739 - bef 1764
  2. David Hendersonabt 1740 - abt 1825
  3. Lt. John Henderson1740 - 1787
  4. Sarah Hendersonabt 1744 -
  5. Joseph HendersonABT 1745 - bef 1792
  6. Jean Henderson1747 - 1819
  7. Archibald Henderson1749 - Bet 1781
  8. Margaret Henderson1752 - BEF 1783
  9. James Hendersonabt 1754 -
  10. William Henderson1756 - 1807
  1. Eleanor Henderson1776 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Henderson
Gender Male
Birth? 1 March 1749 Augusta County, Virginia[some sources have place of birth as Orange County, NC, but father witnessed several deeds in Augusta County during this time period]
Death? Bet. Feb - 15 May 1781 Augusta County, Virginia

Archibald Henderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Archibald Henderson

  • Page 169.--_ February, 1781. Archibald Henderson's will--To wife, Elizabeth; to daughter, Eleanor, infant; to brother, William. Executors, Joseph Patterson, John Dickey. Teste: James, Isabella, Eleanor Patterson. Proved, 15th May, 1781, by the witnesses. Executors qualified.
  • Page 20.-- 26th September, 1781. Archibald Henderson's estate appraised by Hugh Brown, John Hind, James Dickey, James Young.
  • Page 63.-- Archibald Henderson's estate in account with Joseph Patterson and John Dickey, executors--Paid John Crawny; paid Elizabeth Henderson, alias Gray.

Records of Archibald Henderson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 69.--18th May, 1779. Recorded. Charles Campbell's appraisement--Appraised by Michael and James Dickey, James and Archibald Henderson.
  • Page 410.--7th February, 1784. James Henderson's will--To wife, Martha; to sons, William and David; to daughter, Sarah Stuart; to other 9 sons, James and Joseph; to James Dickey and John Dickey; to young James Dickey; to son, Archibald's (deceased) daughter, Eleanor, infant; to son, Archibald's (deceased) widow, Elizabeth. Executors, wife and William Dunlop. Teste: James Young, Wm. Alexander, Michael Dickey. Proved, 19th May, 1784, by the witnesses. Martha qualifies.
  • Vol. 2 - DISTRICT COURT. - SEPTEMBER, 1793 (G to Z). - Archibald Henderson vs. William Thompson--Ejectment, Augusta, 25th July, 1792. Defendant was tenant of John Logan.
  • Page 150.--26th February, 1793. James Patterson's will--To sons, Joseph and Mathew; daughter, Elizabeth Gray; to granddaughter, Elin Henderson, daughter to Archibald Henderson; to Ellin Dickey, her grandmother's chest; to daughter, Isbald Dickey (legacy to Isbold Dickey provided Jno. Hickey provide a slave in lieu); to son Joseph's sons, Joseph and James. Executors, Jno. Dickey, Jno. Bell. Teste: James Young, Francis Brown, Robert Young. Proved, 29th September, 1807. Executors qualify.
  • Page 269.--26th February, 1790. James Patterson's will, far advanced in years--To sons, Joseph and Mathew; daughter, Elizabeth Gray; to granddaughter, Elin Henderson, daughter to Archibald Henderson. (This will recorded p. 150, supra) recorded there as to personal estate. Now, 26th April, 1809, proved by deposition of Robert Young, taken in Montgomery County, Ohio, corporation of Dayton, before William McClure, president of the corporation, 13th August, 1808.

(Note: this will is for the same James Patterson listed above, but it appears twice in the Augusta County Will Books).