Person:Andrew Cowan (31)

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Andrew Cowan
b.11 Jan 1772
m. est. 1766
  1. Susan Cowanest 1766 - 1836
  2. John Finley Cowanest 1768 - 1837
  3. David Cowanest 1770 -
  4. Andrew Cowan1772 -
  5. Robert Cowan1776 - 1841
  6. Dorcas CowanABT 1778 -
  7. Samuel Cowan1780 - ABT 1851
  8. William CowanABT 1782 -
m. 14 February 1797
  1. Margaret Cowan1802 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? 11 Jan 1772 Michael Woods Age Book
Marriage 14 February 1797 Washington or Greene County TNMichael Woods Age Book
to Jane Woods


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Document. Land record for sons of Robert Cowan, Washington County, TN, 1799 identify an Andrew Cowan and others receiving land once owned by Robert Cowan (10). Andrew is presumed to be a son of Robert 10. At the time of the land transaction he is said to be of Blount County TN. He presumably moved there shortly after the Revolution with his brothers and kinsman Samuel Handley, and other kinsmen, who settled in the Nine-Mile Creek area. Several members of this extended family later moved to Franklin, TN. An entry in Michael Woods Age Book

Jane Woods married to Andrew Cowan the 14th day of February 1797 about one o'clock by Mr. Doake on a Tusday, Cowan 25 years old the 11th let month (Jan) and started for Ninemile the 28th February 1797. It came on a hevy days snow.

points to Andrew and his new bride, Jane Woods, moving to "Ninemile" shortly after their marriage. "Nine Mile" is almost certainly Nine Mile Creek in Blount County TN., where Andrew son of Robert (10) and his brothers moved sometime after Robert's death.

Based on the entry in the Michael Woods Age Book (above), Andrew was born on 11 Jan 1772. Jane Woods, daughter of Michael Marion Woods, was living with her parents in what is now Greene County Tennessee. Michael Woods notes that the couple relocated to "Ninemile" shortly after their marriage. "Ninemile" is probably a reference to Nine Mile Creek in Blount County, TN, where several of Andrew Cowan's brothers settled.

Another source that verifies that Jane Woods married Andrew Cowan is in the Widows Dowers of Washington Co, Tenn. The abstract of the court case entered in Feb Session 1809 states Agnes Woods, widow of Michael Woods desc'd, had children "Andrew Cowan and Jane his wife formerly Jane Woods", etc. [For the rest of the children's names see Michael Woods' Family page]

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