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Person:Hugh Cowan )X)
Person:Samuel Cowan (17)
Data:Cowan Land Warrants Old Chester PA
Cowan's Gap Cowans


The following mappings show the approximate locations of land warrants secured by Hugh and Person:Samuel Cowan (17), in what was then Bedford County, now Fulton County, PA. Hughs land lay in the "Great Cove", along Licking Creek, in Ayr Township. To the west his property was bounded by "Scrub Ridge". and immediately to the east by North Mountain. Today "North Mountain" is known as "Cove Mountain", immediately to the west of Cowan's Gap.

Samuel's land is easily placed, as it lay at the mouth of what became "Cowan's Gap". This property lay on the Great Road from Philadelphia to Pittsburg, originally constructed about 1758, during French and Indian War, and known as "Forbes Road".

Hugh's land is placed with greater difficulty. We know that it lay on Licking Creek, which arises in the mountains just west of Cowan's Gap; but Licking Creek extends southward a considerable distance, eventually discharging into the Potomac River. The location of Hugh's land between Scrub Ridge and North Mountain places his property in the northern portion of the Licking Creek watershed, somewhere between a location just west of McConnellsburg, to its headwaters. Examination of the property surveys for some of Hugh's neighbors shows that most of those living immediately to the north of Hugh resided in Dublin Township. While the original warrant describes Hugh's land as in "Ayer's Township", it was probably, even then, in Dublin Township. Today, the same area is probably in the Licking Creek Township. Considering all of these factors, plus the features of the stream course as shown in the original survey, it is concluded that Hugh's property lay within the northern most reaches of Licking Creek. In this regard it is significant that Samuel Cowan's land was bounded on the west by North Mountain. It is likely that their two properties lay within a few miles of each other, albeit separated by North Mountain. Significantly, a horse trail runs over North Mountain today, effectively connecting the Little Auginet and Licking Creek watersheds. It is possible this trail dates to the early settlement period.


Location Maps

Yellow Hexagon, Samuel Cowan's Land

Green Hexagon, Hugh Cowan's Land (very approximate (best guess)
Blue line, Licking Creek
Green line, LIttle Auguinet Creek
Light blue line, Conochogue Creek
Purple line, Conodoguinet Creek
Red dashed line, Forbes Road

Lands held by Samuel (yellow) and Hugh Cowan (green) beginning about 1785, and by John Cowan in 1873 (purple).
The distance between Samuel and John Cowan is about 6.5 miles.

Survey Maps