WeRelate:Volunteer log

Please use this page to record the volunteer projects that you are currently working on. This way you'll know who to coordinate with and we'll know which projects need volunteers. Just sign your name next to the project(s) you want to work on. It's OK for multiple people to work together on a project. Remove your name when you want to take a break or if you want to switch to something else.

WeRelate runs on the efforts of volunteers. Please consider volunteering some of your time on one or more of these projects, even if only for a short time. Anyone can sign up to work on a project. You don't have to be an administrator.

Thank you!

Note: We received a message from the IRS stating that they no longer require our tracking volunteer time to qualify for public charity status. Therefore we are no longer asking people to record their volunteer time. Previous volunteer times have been archived for 2007, 2008, and the first half of 2009. Data aggregate statistics and bar chart presentations for 2007 and 2008 appear on WeRelate:Volunteer log/Statistics.


Global Projects

The projects listed below are central to running WeRelate: they either need attention every day or they are large projects whose completion will make WeRelate generally better for everyone.

Recent changes

These projects involve reviewing certain types of recent changes for spam and to see if new users need help. They require approximately 5-15 minutes every day.

  • Merge log
  • Person and family pages--Solveig
  • Places
  • Sources
  • Other pages

Weekly Projects

  • Updating Featured Page --Delijim
  • Updating FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) --Delijim

Other Daily Projects

  • Welcoming --DFree 19:22, 11 August 2009 (EDT)
  • GEDCOM review --Jlanoux (Judy)
  • New images
  • Speedy delete
  • Image review (help users choose a license)--Solveig

Data cleanup projects

These projects don't require daily attention. You can spend as much time as you want whenever you want. Multiple people usually work together on these projects.

Making WeRelate easier to use

Like the data cleanup projects, these projects don't require daily attention. You can spend whatever time you want whenever you want.

  • Review and improve the help pages
  • Create a "newbie" portal page
  • Create additional video tutorials (not essential, but would be nice)

Focused projects

Portal:Community lists projects that are focused on specific regions or aspects of genealogical research.