WeRelate:Overview committee/18 Aug 2013

Agenda for 18 Aug 2013

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Notes for 18 Aug 2013

  • Searching for blank pages: PKeegstra will write a PERL script to search for pages such as those with no dates that are not connected to other pages (orphans)
  • Suggest adding a marriage date check to warn for possibly living people. This is an effort to prevent the problem of new users entering a family first with a recent marriage date, and not receiving a warning until they try to add the Person pages.
  • Regarding MediaWiki upgrade: Dallan will contact AndrewRT to discuss further. Dallan has been consulting full time. This project is now continuing until the end of the year (was previously until May).
  • In the news: The Overview Committee cannot assist with this. The project would need to be maintained by volunteers.
  • Next meeting: 15 Sep 2013