WeRelate:Mergers with other sites?

There have been talks about possible mergers with other sites. See Watercooler and this page's discussion page.


Merge with Rodovid.Org

This idea was discussed on this page and can now be seen at Mergers with other sites?/Old. I am now trying to start this discussion again.--Bjwebb 06:14, 12 February 2007 (MST)


There are three main methods for a merge:

  1. Merge Rodovid database and tree code into WeRelate
  2. Merge WeRelate database and other features onto the Rodovid engine
  3. Continue to have to sites, but link them in some way

From what I can gather, Yaroslav, creator of Rodovid would be happy with a merge, provided that he still has control over the project to some extent - this would likely involve him being a memeber on the executive board of the FOLG. Presumeably he would also have Bureaucrat status on the wiki. Finally, he would spend some of his time devloping voluntarily, but he may be paid a developers salary for some of his time.

A merged project would most likely be hosted on the current WeRelate servers, as they have a better capacity (especially for the WeRelate web crawl) and there will be less latency for users in the United States.

Proposal 1

This diagram represents in a very basic way how the two sites are set up separately at the moment.

And this is the first proposal for a merged site.

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

This could involve on of two things.

  • Keeping the sites entirely separate but encourage lots of linking betweeen the two.
  • Keep the interfaces of the two sites separate, but have them share databases - so that WeRelate records can be viewed on Rodovid and Rodovid records can be viewed on WeRelate.

Reasons for

Reasons against



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