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Hello, there. I am Benjamin James Webb (or simply Ben Webb), and I have been researching my family tree for about a year now, but not very seriously. I am a member of several other wikis where where I also have the username bjwebb:

to name a few. I also have my Freedom dreams blog.

So far, I have only collected information from living relatives and added some from the mormon website. I am in the process of adding this to WeRelate.

If you would like to contact me use my talk page.

Research notes that only I would understand

Edwin Webb Census # Must have lived in Brerton Igi # Chance very small # Census must be right Elizabeth Phillips Census # Too many records without birth date Igi # Contains Edwin Webb with same birth date and place of birth as his # Edwin Webb must be right George Sanderson + Mary Webb (merge) Census # Too many records Igi # Contains George Sanderson + Mary Webb # Mary Webb's DoB and Father match # Congelton, more-or-less the right place # Age at marraige matches Mary's birthdate ! Mary Webbs Death date is two years off Alice Barbrook Census # 10 reults # If lived in Buglawton, like children, then found George Horton Census # Two records for +/- 2 years # Closer to birth date # Father is a labourer # Lived in Biddulph Elizabeth Parkinson Census # Only one record # Depends on birth date being within two years Samuel Biddulph Census # Birth date must be right # Must not live in Barton-On-Trent # Must not be spelt Biddolph George Bailey Census # Too many records # Reliability of year makes a big difference