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This page relates to a proposal that was not implemented and is retained for historical reasons only.

On 14 July 2013, the Overview committee agreed that a box with current news can be shown on the Main Page "when there are enough volunteers to regularly maintain it." See also this discussion.

This page is for people to record current stories about famous families, some of which could be promoted to the Main Page on the WeRelate:Current news box.


If you see a story about a famous family, please add it to the list below, with a date, name of the person and an external link to the news story. Good candidates for such people could be royalty, nobility or political families.

If that person is on WeRelate please link to them or otherwise please create that person and pages for their ancestors. Once this is complete and the person page itself is of good standard, including at least one image, add {{yes}} (a ) next to the entry.

Periodically the Main Page will be updated to add a new story.

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