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van Arsdale
Nukerke, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Gouda, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
New York, United States
New Utrecht, Kings, New York, United States
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It started with a simple question:

Hi. I see that you have uploaded to the pages for some of the Van Arsdalens. Thanks for sharing. If you can, will you please help clean up duplication and add sources to the pages. I have also been working on this as I can. Most of my good research was not typed into the computer yet."

"If you are interested in the family, I have started working on an outline page to make it easier for people to see where their family appears among the several Van Arsdalen lines. It is currently on [this user page], but I can move it to a public article page if you would like to contribute. Thanks. --Judy (jlanoux) 11:44, 21 January 2013 (EST)

ACTIONS (global)

1.Start with the grass-roots level, in this case Jan Pauwelszn van Aedsdaele the father of Symon Jansen van Aedsdale

2.Make an inventory of the sources and (add) them to the talk pages of the individuals, after agreement about reliability they can be added on the persons page

3.Find duplicates in WR and compare them and make corrections (add alternative names)

4. collect details about different lines and add them to WR


- Descendants of Symon Jansen Van Arsdalen

- Henkcs/van arsdalenotes

- Source

- Van arsdale project/ships

External websites:


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maybe Usefull (future)sources :

-parochieregisters van Nukerke