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Changes to Leah Weaver [5 January 2014]

Hi, Wolfmanmi,

I got your message about changes to Leah Weaver. As you may recall, I asked you some time ago if her parents Daniel Weaver and Mary Weaver (2) were the same as Daniel Weaver and Mary Weaver (1). You indicated that you were doubtful, but did not provide any documentary evidence, so that the two families were left on the Duplicates List.

As you know, WeRelate is not supposed to have duplicate pages, and one of the things I do as a volunteer administrator on WeRelate is check duplicate pages to see if they can be merged. If the pages are for the same people, they can be merged. If the pages are obviously for different people, then a template can be added to one of them to not merge it with the other. Either way, the pages are removed from the Duplicate Pages list, and do not require frequent checking by other volunteers.

For the two Daniel Weaver families, as you noted, one had a child (Drucilla) b. abt 1842, while yours had a child ( Leah) also b. abt 1842. Checking the 1850 Census to see whether or not they would appear with different families was a relatively easy way to see if they were, or were not, living with the same families. Since they are living with different families, in very different locations, it seems reasonable to say that they are children of different families, although their parents may have the same names. Putting an extraction of the 1850 Census on Leah's page provided some documentation to support adding a Do Not Merge Template to one of the two Daniel Weaver and Mary Weaver family pages so that the two pages could be removed from the Duplicates List. (The 1850 Census information was already on Drucilla's page, although embedded in text rather than added as an event with a source.)

I agree that it would be nice to add the information from the 1850 Census to Leah's page (and to the pages for her parents). I got the information from a quick check of the 1850 Census on, where you can check for other census records for these families, as well. Since this is not my family and I do not normally do research for other people, I didn't make or keep a copy of the actual record. If you don't have a subscription to Ancestry, then the Census records are also available for free on TheSource Page for the Cumberland, Pennsylvania 1850 US Census also has information on where you can access the actual records. Either Ancestry or FamilySearch is likely to have other records for your family, as well.--GayelKnott 03:14, 5 January 2014 (UTC)

Dear GayelKnott,

Thanks for sorting it all out with the two Leah's and for letting me know about finding the records on 17:42, 5 January 2014 (UTC)

No problem. Good luck with your research. --GayelKnott 04:13, 6 January 2014 (UTC)