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Skinner & Ring [3 August 2011]

I've been fortunate in having help on the Ring family from a USA contact and Truax is very well documented by the Association of Philipe De Trieux.  Your father and I are 3rd cousins with the common ancestor David Nelson Ring.  Sorry I can't help with the Skinner line.  As you can see at WeRelate I didn't know that Juliet had a son from that marriage.  I will keep an eye out for the Skinner line and will tell the Ring researcher in the USA to look at WeRelate with your additions.  His focus is the Rings who stayed in the USA so I doubt he can help with Skinner.  Perhaps you can keep a look out for my great grandmother Maria Nancy Ring - married Rollins then Terrill.  I have no idea where and when she died.  Her last known address was a rooming house she ran in Sweetsburg/Cowansville, Quebec.  FYI my location is the Toronto area and email

Just did a quick look at FamilySearch. Is your Adelbert the same as the one boarding next door to Thaddeus S Ellison (step cousin) in Manchester NH in 1900?--HLJ411 13:10, 3 August 2011 (EDT)

I'm in the national archives in Ottawa now and if I have the time I'll look up your grandmother.

As for your second question I don't have my records with me but I do remember seeing the name Ellison next to my Adelbert (maybe the 1911 Census?, or maybe a 1900 Census from New Hampshire where Adelbert was 15). Wow, small world, maybe they knew they were cousins and travelledtogether for work. I actually have huge gaps in Adelbert's life but I do know from hi daughter that he travelled for work when he was young, I found out yesterday that he was 15 in NH. I have his birth record, the 1900 NH Census, his marriage record in London, and everything after he married.

If you find anything out I can be reached at (I hope this is a private message LOL)

Dave Skinner--SkinnerDS 14:44, 3 August 2011 (EDT)

After a trip to the archives I'm not sure what I have in regards to locking in Thomas Jr. Here's what I found (oh I didn't have time to search Mary Ring, I'll try tomorrow):

From 1871 Census

Juliette Ellison -

Juliet(te)'s Father -

Thomas Skinner Sr. (the mistyped Skinner to Skinnea in the transcribing (morons) made it a little harder -

Thomas Jr. -

Thomas Sr. from 1881 -

Thomas Sr. from 1852 -

Thomas Sr. Directory Listing 1871 -

The only place I can find Both Thomas's together is in 1852. Sr.'s daughter Anne seems to have lived with him his whole life, she's listed with Thomas Sr in all Censuses. Thomas Jr is listed married 1861 but his marriage to Juliet Rebecca Ring happened in 1876. Funny how that document listed Juliet's previous marriage and not Thomas.

Thomas Jr. seemed to drop off after that until he resurfaces in the marriage record we both have from 1876. My next mission at the Archives tomorrow is to explore the 1861 census a little more. I found Juliet(te) Elliot (Ring), her parents (lived next door) and Thomas Sr.. It was the end of my day and I hadn't scanned all the census sheets from that area (about 15 more I haven't looked at) so hopefully I'll find him & maybe a family tomorrow. Do you think I should feel confident with what I discovered?--SkinnerDS 19:58, 3 August 2011 (EDT)