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My families of interest are Jackman, Rollins, Truax, Ring, Abbott and Fay (USA & Canada), Henderson and Brownlee (Ireland & Canada), Staples and Barritt (England & Canada).

A few years ago I started thinking about what would happen with my information and files once I was gone. The conclusion was that eventually most of my files would be thrown out and the rest misplaced or reside at some local historical society. Also bothering me at the time was the thought that I had probably duplicated work already done by others and that others somewhere were duplicating my work. The hunt was enjoyable but why reinvent the wheel? I concluded that if I could install my information on a genealogy site similar to Wikipedia it would always be available to my family and other researchers. WeRelate seems to be the answer.

Being on WeRelate would also permit others with better sources to improve my pages and, most important, correct the inevitable mistakes. Without the Internet and the help of fellow genealogists contacted through the Internet, too numerous to mention individually, I would have accomplished very little. The one non-Internet source is the descendants of William Rawlins of Gloucester by William Bartlett Rollins (1925-1994) which I have been able to expand using Internet sources that weren’t available in his time. His work was built on William Rawlins of Gloucester from Records of Families of the name Rawlins or Rollins by John R. Rollins, published 1874.

Most of my information has been placed on WeRelate via Gedcom created by my Legacy software. Numbers in brackets such as the following (1470) in the census for Hollis Wesley Jackman is an MRIN number and also the number of the file where I can find a hard copy of the census.

1880 Census (1470): Greenwood, HENNEPIN, MN, 31, carpenter, NH, NH, VT.

I also have digital copies of these documents. Eventually I will remove the MRIN numbers as they only have meaning to me.

Many of the descendants of James Jackman of Newbury and William Rollins of Gloucester have been down loaded as well as descendants of John Henderson of Ireland who immigrated to near Norwood, Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, NY. Recent (2010) additions are Ring of Quebec and their descendants and Barritt/Barrett of Norfolk, England, the latter possibly confused because a Barrett married a Barritt and recorders tend to use the names interchangeably.

Recently added (November, 2010) are some of the descendants of Phillipe de Trieux, with emphasis on the descendants of Andrew Truax of Farnham, Quebec and those of the family that settled in Victoria County, Ontario. Many of the descendants of both groups returned to the United States, especially to Michigan. The Truax family is well researched and the Internet has lots of good information thanks to the outstanding contributions of Jennifer Smith. If interested, a good place to start is The Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux.