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Carlton Knott [4 March 2013]

Hi, Jennifer,

Yes, we are definitely cousins, and I really would like to know more about Carlton, so I was excited to see your message.

First, my great-grandfather was Henry Knott, the older brother of your great-grandfather William. Henry's oldest son, George, was my grandfather.

As for Carlton, I've asked the same questions you have, and haven't made the effort to get the answers. The original research was done a long time ago and really needs follow up. One of the many things that bothers me is that I don't remember hearing of Carlton's wife and child when growing up, and this family was always fairly close, so there should have been some mention, somewhere, some time. Then again, maybe there was and I just didn't pay any attention.

With your contact, maybe I'll try to try to get some answers! Any information I do get will go on Carlton's page, and I can post it here as well. I'll probably start with the cemetery information -- like you, I doubt that he's actually buried there. The other question would be to see if he was married in Kandiyohi County, before moving to Montana.

Another question, if he was married with a child and died in the War, surely there would be a pension??? Do you know how to go about accessing that information? Is it still restricted because of recency and privacy concerns?

And yes, I will keep in touch. And please, hope you will too.

Thanks, Gayel --GayelKnott 16:45, 4 March 2013 (EST)