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Merging on WeRelate [21 November 2008]

Leandro, You uploaded your GEDCOM to this site last December and there is some overlap between your data and data that I uploaded. I have made a couple of edits, but as I don't speak Portuguese, I have some question about what to do. You should receive an e-mail each time I edit one of your pages. If you could review my edits, I would appreciate it. I wish some of the other members of the Madeira list would enter data here as I think it is a great way to build a collaborative database. --Scot 14:02, 21 November 2008 (EST)

Azevedo Family [13 March 2010]


I'm working on my Azevedo Family history and came across your posting. My family migrated from Madeira to Hilo, Hawaii sometime around 1883. Joao Gonsalves Azevedo (born June 1857) and his wife, Maria Azevedo born 1863. I'm wondering if you might direct me to a website that has "good" recorded sources for this type of information?

Thank you, Bruce--Bruce Fox 18:30, 13 March 2010 (EST)

Pais de Joane Mendes de Vasconcelos, casado com Maria Alvelos Spinola [25 September 2014]

Venho por este meio alertá-lo para o erro existente nos pais de Joane Mendes de Vasconcelos ( marido de Maria Alvelos Spinola). . Tenho o registo de casamento do Joane Mendes de Vasconcelos com Maria de Alvelos Spinola, efectuado em Santa Cruz, aos 18 dias de Maio de 1618, e por isso pode confiar no que afirmo. Ele é filho de Luis Mendes de Vasconcelos e de sua mulher, Mécia Ferreira, cujo registo de casamento também tenho. Tendo detectado imensos erros no livro "Famílias de Gaula", não confio muito nele, pelo que tento sempre documentar o que lá vem. Esperando ter sido útil Saudaçōes Magda--Magdavribeiro 15:07, 25 September 2014 (UTC)