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Charles Grinnell [23 January 2012]

Drew, just to clarify: I'm not related, just seeing if I can help with a quick search since I was familiar with the Mass. Vital Records database. The source Mass. Vital Records is on the website under the Search menu. You have to be a member of New England Historical and Genealogical Society to use it. Some libraries will provide free access to this website on their computers with their institutional membership, but you would have to check the library nearest you.

The marriage record in 1879 gave Delia's age as 18 which is why I added the 1861 birth record. I know her age is listed as 36 in 1900 suggesting she was born 1864, but census records have a notorious reputation as far as accuracy is concerned, since who knows who was talking to the census taker and how well they knew the people (it has been alleged sometimes a neighbor would give the information). In the 1870 census, Delia is listed as 12 suggesting she was born 1858 view here while another daughter Elsie is age 8 so she might correspond to the birth record I cited? That would mean Delia was closer to 46 in 1900 than 36! Obviously the records are not consistent. I haven't found anything in the 1860 census that appears to match. Hopefully you have more to go on, as it is going to be difficult to piece together what is really true. Good luck. --Jrich 15:55, 23 January 2012 (EST)

Sorry to respond in dribs and drabs. I was just about to get back to my previous tasks, when the comment I wrote about 1858 reminded me that I had only searched for Delia after 1860-1865 (based on her marriage record, to keep from being overwhelmed). I went back and tried expanding this and found (p. 116:26) a "Bridget Lahen" born on 31 Jan 1858 in Boston to John & Ellen Lahen. I might not of noticed it but your earlier comment about being descended from a Bridget Lane. This could be a completely unrelated person, just thought it was interesting given the age listed in the 1870 census. --Jrich 16:22, 23 January 2012 (EST)