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Welcome [8 June 2011]

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Hi, Brenda---

I assume you saw my notes on the Red River Project page? That is, you know I don't have direct ancestors there, right? (I get a lot a questions from folks who assume I do.) I don't believe I've ever seen criminal records in Red River Co earlier than c.1860, though the civil court minute books go back to 1846 or so. Either earlier criminal minutes weren't kept or they no longer exist -- although Red River Co is remarkable for having a very complete run of records. Having said that, there are some extant circuit court records that ought to include Red River, if you can find the right ones. An example is Charles DeMorse's own circuit notes (he was a lawyer as well as an editor) which he published in the paper, and which have been collected in Richard B. Marrin's Going to Court in Texas: Riding the Circuit, 1842-1861 (Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2007).

It's hard to know whether the census was taken in 1850 before or after the murder -- but probably after (it was pretty late that year in north Texas). But I'm not finding a listing either under John or Eliza Martin. Have you come across that listing? And do you know where the grave site might be? (Not many markers left from that early.) And do you know what happened to Eliza afterwards? If she wasn't prosecuted on grounds of insanity, that doesn't mean they just turned her loose, either.

Interesting case. Let me do some rummaging around and see what I can come up with! --MikeTalk 16:38, 5 June 2011 (EDT)

Hi Mike,

 Thanks for getting back with me so soon.  I did find you on the Red River page and did think you had relatives there.

I have done alot of research in the Red River area. I found Eliza Martin in the 1850 census in Rusk, Rusk, Texas. She is listed as living with someone but you can't read the name. I think next to the name it says just desect. The census was taken in Oct. after she killed her father. She has her 3 children with her and is listed as Jane. Her name is Eliza Jane Martin. Above her is her sister Mary Carnes with her family. The P.H. McGowen is her brother. She later moved to Larissa, Texas in Cherokee County. She is in the 1860 cesus living with her oldest son. I can't find her death date or place of burial. She is not in the 1870 census. They belonged to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In some records of the Presbyterian Church James is mentioned as an elder. I think there is a cemetery by the old church in Clarksville where there is a good chance he was buried. John Martin her husband died after they migrated from Tennessee about 1842. John Martin's estate records are on microfilm in Salt Lake. James Mcgowen ended up taking gaurdianship of Eliza and her children because she was mentally incapacitaded. James Mcgowen ended up taking gaurdianship of Eliza and her children because she was mentally incapacitaded. I live in California but took a trip to the Red River Court House. At the time I did not know about the murder. One day on google I saw an abstract of the Northern Standard Newspaper that mentioned the murder. It did not mention the name of his daughter that killed him. So I took a trip to Austin and found the full article in a microfilm. It stated her name Mrs. Martin in the full article. In Salt Lake they have some court minuets for 1850 but the July section seems to skip the time when she would have appeared in court. Her brother was a lawyer and might have played a part in the trial. I will try and locate the book you mentioned and maybe I can get an inter-library loan. Any thing you can dig up would be great. I am so fascinated with this whole event.--Brendadanielsond 22:31, 7 June 2011 (EDT)

Red River Co, TX [2 July 2012]

Hi Brenda,

I'm researching my LAWSON family in RRCo, TX and have a lot of reference material in my personal library. I saw a post that you were researching the MARTIN family. I have some material on the Martins from the marriage of Charles Dedrick Stiles to Maria Lou Allen Martin. Do you know who her parents were? I'm interested in the STILES line since John Wesley Stiles married my GGGG Aunt.

I also have Robert Clayton Hemingway marriage to Louisiana Jane Martin in RRCo.

In addition I have a Martin connection on my mother's side of the family. A Landy Lee Freiley married Bertha Price Martin, daughter of Francis & Mary Paschall Martin. This is not a RRCo family. Most likely they have a TN or IL connection, possibly Kaufman Co.,TX or somewhere in the Dallas, TX area.

In my Cemetery Records, Red River County, by Lawrence & Sue Dale, it lists this burial:

    William Henry McGowen, d: 25 June 1957; Cem: Unknown; Death Record Index: #33644.

The Dales have 176 MARTIN listings in their book and 22 RITCHEY listings including a Henry C Ritchey married to Minnie Landers in MS (possibly a son of your Henry Ritchey?). If you need me to check on any particular burial, please let me know.

In looking at the RITCHEY listings it appears there is a Lamar Co., TX connection to several of them and many of them are the children of Henry C & Minnie Ritchey.

Thanks, Charles Lawson 12:40, 2 July 2012 (EDT)