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Wswoody/Shaffer Ancestors
Wswoody/Woody Ancestors

William Alexander Shaffer Descendents Project

Pedigree of Grandparents

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Pedigree of Horatio Woody
Horatio Woody Albert M Woody Thomas Woody John Woody
Mary Holaday
Eleanor C Maris John Maris
Sarah Pickard
Margaret A Noel William T Noel Barnard Noel
Nancy Goard
Mary Unknown Unknown

Pedigree of Anna Henderson Parish
Anna Henderson Parish James J Parish Thomas Parish Unknown
Cassandra Tarvin Rev George Tarvin
Sarah Cracraft
Harriet Madison Robert Madison John Madison
Mary Cluverius
Rachel Haydon Abner Haydon
Mildred Garnett

Pedigree of John Dalton Shaffer
John Dalton Shaffer John Jackson Shaffer William A Shaffer John Shaffer
Hepsibah Strother
Emily Milette Bourgeois Michel Bourgeois
Marie Desiree Stevens
Minerva Ann Cantey Thomas S Cantey Thomas Cantey
Susan Singletary
Anne Kenna Harbour Thomas Adonijal Harbour
Jane Dalton

Pedigree of Julia Richardson Cutliff
Julia Richardson Cutliff James Shannon Cutliff Benjamin Cutliff Abrahm Cutliff
Mary Durham
Miss Ray Possibly John Ray?
Mary F Baxter Eli H Baxter Andrew Baxter
Elizabeth Harris
Julia Richardson Obadiah Richardson
Jane Bush