I started doing family research in the late 1970's when I inherited a family history written by John Seitz Beck, my great-father. Granddaddy Beck typed the family history in the 1930's after he retired from his job at the Government Printing Office, in Washington, DC. Not only did he type this 800+ page document on a 1930s typewritter but he made 4 carbon copies, one for each of his children. I have transcribed this document onto my home computer, created an index and an historical persons glossary.

Along with the family history, I also inherited numerous family documents dating back to the 1700's. Most of these documents have been scanned and transcribed.

I also inherited numerous pictures, including a shoebox of glassplate negatives, that show the Beck family during their various summer camps in the Pennsylvania mountains, c. 1906.

Some of the surnames that I am researching in my family line: Tarrant, Palmer (Woolley), Powell, Beck, Belote, VanKirk, Shissler, Balsum, Ewing, Kennedy, Pittman, Rinker, Copeland, Patterson, Potts, Seifert, Lilly, Long, Vodges, Croasdale, Hathornwaite, Worsley.

Some of the surnames that I am researching in my husband's line: Robinson, Farmer, Stanley, Mobley, Davis, Blansette, McCoy, Carter, Midkiff, Horton, Bobbitt, Jennings, Conner, McAlexander, Barnard, Tester, Steelman, Brinson, Teachey, Norris, Blair.

I have a page on both and Though I find these pages helpful when it comes to research, I do not find them helpful when it comes to sharing.