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  1. Abigail Smith is listed in her family's bible with a birthdate of July 27, 1794. According to a Mayflower Descendant article by Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FUGA, FGBS, FASG[1], the Smith family bible was dated 1814, and was in 1931 owned by H.G. Weeks[2], Los Angeles, CA. Walter Lester Glenney, in his 1931 application to the Society of Mayflower Descendants, had obtained photocopies from the bible and submitted them with his application. Thankfully, he had submitted the same documentation and copies to the other lineage societies which joined, since his Mayflower supporting evidence was destroyed in a fire in 1947. Joslyn was able to track down the copies and obtain them himself, and used them in his 1985 article. As he says in a response[3] to my inquiry on the bible, "typically, the first lists of names on these two pages were probably all entered at one time, perhaps copied from an earlier Bible." So even though the events were recorded after the date of the bible, even the Mayflower Society agreed with Joslyn that the research was accurate and the bible dates most likely valid. The copies of the Mayflower Descendant article, Joslyn's letter to me, and the bible pages are attached.
  2. She is listed in the Sackett family bible as being born July 27, 1894, which is the same as she was listed in her own family's bible, solidifying the fact that the Abigail Smith who was the daughter of Elisha Smith and was born in 1794 is the same Abigail Smith who married Daniel Sackett and listed in the births children including Lucy May Sackett. We also have a scan of a letter written by Daniel Eaton Sackett to "sister Lucy," which mentions visiting "cousins Smith" in Syracuse and "Lafayette Smith Uncle Royals son"
  3. In examining the handwriting from her father, Elisha Smith's, pension record, it is obvious that the one hand was the equivalent to a typewritten template, and the second hand was filling in information. The same hand that wrote Abigail Smith also wrote 'now Sackett'.

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